Xeco Wines - XECO Sparkling Fino Sherry Spritz Canned Cocktail (Pack of 4)

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About Xeco Wines - XECO Sparkling Fino Sherry Spritz Canned Cocktail (Pack of 4)

It's Spritz time! Sparkling Fino Sherry Spritz is a delicious and refreshing sipping pleasure.

Try this elegant and easy-going blend of crisp XECO Fino sherry and Sekforde’s original sparkling flavours of prickly pear, sun-ripened fig and cardamom. Expect lingering honeyed sweetness followed by a hint of spiciness delivered by cardamom. 

How to serve?

Serve this sparkling pleasure chilled and enjoy as an aperitif. 

  • 4-pack of 250ml cans
  • 82 calories
  • 3.7% ABV

About Xeco Wines

Next Generation Sherry!

Sherry!? Isn’t that what grannies drink? Isn’t that what they put in a trifle? You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers…

XECO Sherry - Buy at Lassou

We reckon that simple yet highly sophisticated drink you’ve been looking for all your life has been under your nose the whole time… So hold tight, drinks lovers! And welcome to the world of XECO - A Next-Generation Sherry.

The brainchild of three Fino friends

XECO is the brainchild of three 30-something 'fino friends' who have long shared a love of fine sherry - and frustration that this love wasn't shared by their friends. The solution? Find better friends (kidding!) OR - find a way to bring a ‘Next Generation’ sherry to their friends and the world, finally giving this marvelous drink some long-overdue recognition.

In early 2016 they set out to create a new brand of Sherry to put a contemporary edge on an age-old product, and in doing so help to dispel some of the myths around the category while encouraging a new generation of discerning drinkers to give Sherry a second look. Read more about XECO on our blog. 

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