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About Vivir Tequila - Vivir Tequila Anejo

VIVIR Tequila Añejo is made of 100% Blue Weber Agave, harvested at around 12 years old. The liquid is rested in ex-bourbon American oak casks for 18 months. This is definitely of the smoothest and complex tequilas you've ever tried! If you are a whisky lover, you will enjoy sipping this spirit. 

Recently voted not just the best Tequila in the world by the UK experts, but also the best overall spirit!

Tasting notes:

Complex and smooth, with gentle smoky notes on the nose, followed by subtle vanilla and caramel hints. This tequila maintains its Agave routes whilst bringing an amazing palate of smoky oak, burned bananas, and chocolate.

How to drink?

Fantastic for sipping neat or over ice as well as in classic cocktails, like the Espresso Martini, Negroni or Manhattan. 

We highly recommend trying our Tequila Añejo an Espresso Martini or Manhattan. It's an absolute winner - VIVIR

  • 40% ABV
  • 70cl

About Vivir Tequila

Tequila, but not as you know it!

VIVIR Tequila is the range of award-winning Agave Premium Tequilas made with double distilled 100% Blue Weber Agave. 

VIVIR has been tailored to the European palate, whilst remaining true to its Mexican routes. You’ll find it a bit smoother than most tequilas, with less peppery tones.

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Born from the love of the Agave-based spirit

VIVIR Tequila was founded by two good friends Paul and Nav. They found it difficult to find quality 100% Agave Tequila in the UK without going to a specialist bar or retailer. Paul, who by the way was is allergic to cheaper Mixto Tequilas, had already been working with Agave for over 16 years and knew the industry well. And in 2016 he and Nav decided to change the tequila market in the UK by introducing their own range of premium 100% Agave Tequilas.

It took them 3 years to develop as they wanted to get it right and in 2019 they finally introduced VIVIR Tequila to the UK tequila fans.

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Quality, style, and sophistication - we’ve got it all

VIVIR tequila is produced from the finest Weber Blue Agave grown for 9 years in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Agave hearts are cooked for 4 days in hornos, traditionally heated masonry ovens.

Only natural local water that rises from a volcanic spring in the middle of the distillery is used to produce nice and smooth tequilas. The spirit is then aged for at least 18 months in Jack Daniels bourbon casks to receive sweet vanilla and caramel notes without the heavy bourbon taste.

The end result?  Well, it is a natural, fresh and flavor-filled spirit that tastes great sipped neat or in cocktails. We are not going to convince you how good it is, try it by yourself to make sure we are telling truth. 

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It's time to discover your new favourite drinks!

VIVIR Tequila Blanco - a smooth, clean and floral spirit. There are fresh aromas of Agave on the nose that follows through to the palate. Tequila that is great for sipping, having in a cocktail or with your favourite mixer

VIVIR Tequila Reposado has earthy notes of Agave followed by tones of vanilla, caramel and melted butter. Perfect for sipping or in classic cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Negroni.

VIVIR Tequila Añejo maintains its Agave routes whilst bringing an amazing palate of smoky oak, burned bananas and chocolate. Fantastic for sipping neat or over ice as well as in classic cocktails, like the Espresso Martini, Negroni or Manhattan. 

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