Van Hunks Drinks - Brut Rose Sparkling Mead

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About Van Hunks Drinks - Brut Rose Sparkling Mead

Van Hunks Sparkling Rosé Mead is made of honey, water, yeasts, fermented hibiscus, and a little bit of magic. Rosé Mead is made from Fynbos honey from wildflower nectar, Fynbos is a beautiful small floral kingdom "quenched in hot summer months by the clouds billowing down from Table Mountain".

Van Hunks Sparkling Rosé Mead is a perfect alternative to your favourite sparkling wine. It is dry and refreshing, with delightful floral notes on the palate. This is the great choice for the new generation of consumers - those who are looking for low-sugar healthier drinks. 

The makers use a patented dry fermentation process to ferment the honey and produce completely dry base mead without any additional sugars and flavourings. This is a true sipping pleasure indeed. 

ABV: 12%

Bottle size: 75 cl

Tasting note: Refreshing sparkling mead with floral and hibiscus notes, honey hints, and dry finish.

Country: South Africa

About Van Hunks Drinks

A Handcrafted Bottle-Fermented Sparkling Mead

Van Hunks is a premium sparkling mead, handcrafted in small batches on the foothills of Table Mountain, South Africa.

The idea started in sparkling wine, and then it migrated into a sparkling mead which follows the same techniques as a sparkling wine does, but we are doing it with an innovative, honey-based product instead.

We reached out to Tom Gamborg, the founder of Van Hunks Drinks, and asked him a few questions about honey, sparkles, and more. Read the full interview on our blog.

A patented dry fermentation technique

The producers use a patented dry fermentation technique, achieving a dry fermentation of the honey that ferments their base mead completely dry. Find out more about mead in our blog. 

Combining traditional mead-making processes with innovative proprietary technology, we’re one of only three producers in the world to create bottle-fermented mead. Handcrafted on the foothills of Table Mountain, it’s made with indigenous Fynbos honey from wildflower nectar found nowhere else on the planet.

Van Hunks is available in four delicious options:

  • Sparkling Brut Mead
  • Sparkling Rosé Mead
  • Brut Sparkling Wine
  • Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine

Van Hunks Drinks - Brut Rose Sparkling Mead Reviews

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Such a unique drink

I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this. A friend told me it was amazing, and it really is. We had it with our neighbours, and they loved it, never had anything like it. Have it cold with ice :-)

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