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About Select Aperitivo - Select Aperitivo

Take a journey to the magnificent city of Venice with a glass of traditional Venetian aperitif in hand.

Select is a Venetian aperitif, the essential ingredient for the Original Venetian Spritz - the best-known drink in the city. 

Select is made with 30 botanicals including rhubarb roots and juniper berries that give Select its rich, complex taste.

We use the same original processing method as in 1920, guaranteeing the highest quality and excellence today Select Aperitivo. 

The botanicals are first macerated in a mixture of neutral spirit and water. Then this mixture is boiled to extract the true essence of the botanicals. The juniper berries are individually macerated in a pot still, using artisanal methods to extract the most aromatic part of the fruit. 

Tasting notes:

Select is characterized by a well-balanced flavour profile. Expect bright citrus and herbaceous notes on the nose, followed by bitter flavours delivered by roots and barks. Spicy and tropical notes come to the mid-palate, complemented by the citrus flavours. The finish is rich and complex, with strong citrus aromas and flavours of essential oils. 

  • 17.5% ABV
  • 70cl

How to drink?

Try Select Aperitivo in its staple combination - The Original Venetian Spritz!

  • 3 parts of Prosecco
  • 2 parts of Select Aperitivo
  • 1 splash of soda water
  • 1 large green olive

Method: Pour Select, prosecco, and soda water into a wine glass over ice. Top with a large, green olive, sit back and savour in excellent company.

About Select Aperitivo

Try a traditional Venetian Aperitif

Select is an original aperitif created in Venice, Italy, in 1920. It is made with 30 selected botanicals including juniper berries and rhubarb roots that give the Select its complex and diverse taste.

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Every region of Italy has its most preferred aperitif. In Venice it’s Select. This drink was created in 1920 in Castello district of Venice, at Pilla Distilleries, the heart of Venice liquor production.

Since the 1920s and to our days Select is still the most popular aperitif in the Venice region.

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Select is a complex aperitif, quite close to Aperol and Campari, but more diverse, with pleasant notes of vanilla and bitter but quite soft finish.

Select traditionally served before food “to open the appetite for flavors, experiences, moments and ideas”, and, according to the old Venezian tradition, the drink is garnished with a green olive to complement its taste and balance the flavours. 

Learn more about aperitifs and how to drink them in our blog.

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This aperitif is made from 30 selected botanicals blended and distilled according to the original recipe for 9 months. The botanicals are perfectly balanced and create a unique bitter and fruity taste. Expect the notes of juniper berries and rhubarb root.

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