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About Sapling Spirits - Sapling Vodka 35cl

Sapling Vodka is a smooth and creamy spirit, distilled four times and made from British wheat. It is marvellous in cocktails and also can be enjoyed neat. Sapling vodka has a buttery and soft taste, with citrus notes and naturally sweet punch. 

But Sapling Vodka Co believes in something more global than delicious spirits. They will plant a tree for every bottle you purchase. There is a code in each bottle, just enter it here and find out where your tree was planted. 

  • ABV: 40%
  • Bottle size: 350 ml
  • Flavours: herbaceous and citrusy notes 
  • Country: UK

Tasting Notes:

Nose: clean, with a slight hint of wheat.

Palate: a hint of citrus mixed with a little grassy sweetness.

Finish: fresh and creamy.

About Sapling Spirits

World's first climate-positive vodka. For every bottle produced, a tree is planted

Sapling is a lovely vodka. It's clean and creamy smooth with a touch of sweetness. Forget about that "I've just sipped unleaded petrol" experience you might have had with the usual suspects.

Sapling Vodka. Buy at Lassou

Made in the heart of London, Sapling uses local ingredients to reduce transport emissions. It is four times distilled from 100% British wheat with charcoal filtered, de-ionized water.

The high starch content of the wheat leaves a fresh finish and a hint of natural sweetness that makes Sapling so easy to drink.

For every bottle produced, a tree is planted. On each bottle, a unique code tells you what tree was planted where and a little about the planting project. From fruit trees in London to Oak trees in Bristol, it's the local communities who benefit from our planting projects.

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