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About Gerry’s - Rum Seltzer - Mixed Pack

You deserve a drink that is as light, as it is refreshing. You deserve Gerry's Rum Seltzers Mixed Pack!

10 mouthwatering rum seltzers with tantalizing natural flavors - light on cals, but big on flavors!


5 x Pineapple + Coconut Rum Seltzers
5 x Apple + Lime Rum Seltzers

Sweet, crisp and effortlessly zingy, these fruity numbers prove that low-cal rum blends can still be hella punchy - Gerry's team.

?  10 x 330ml cans
?  5% ABV
?  99-102 calories per can
?  1-2g sugar per can
?  1.7 alcohol units per can
? 100% vegan
?  Gluten-free
?  No artificial flavours

Pineapple + Lime Ingredients: Sparkling Water, White Rum, Pineapple Juice, Natural Pineapple & Coconut Flavourings

Apple + Lime Ingredients: Sparkling Water, White Rum, Apple Juice, Natural Apple & Lime Flavourings

About Gerry’s

Gerry's is the Hard Seltzer with Good Times Guaranteed!

At Gerry’s, we’re all about making life feel that little bit… lighter.

Gerry's hard seltzers are fun, fresh, fizzy, and best served with friends. 

Gerry's Hard Seltzers - Shop at Lassou

Created to Bring People Together!

Gerry's hard seltzers born in New Zealand, but 100% made in the UK with all-natural ingredients. No added sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavours or stress. 

At Gerry's, they are championing both physical and mental health. That's why Gerry's hard seltzers are low in calories, gluten-free and vegan. They’re the healthier option for those who love life as much as partying.

Planet-Friendly Premium Seltzers

We’re environmentally focused, using recyclable packaging and sustainable supply chains.

Our seltzers were created to bring mates together. Get the fun going. At Gerry’s, we’re all about making life feel that little bit… lighter.

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How Gerry's hard seltzers are produced? Well, they simply blend real fruit flavours with sparkling spring water and premium quality spirit. The result? Fresh, low cal, seltzers that are just perfect for sharing with friends! 

Available in 6 delicious tastes: 

Watermelon & Mint Vodka Seltzer - tastes like summer: refreshing and juicy.

Pineapple & Coconut Rum Seltzer - light and refreshing take on Pina Colada!

Cucumber & Lemon Gin Seltzer - this is an instant Gin Seltzer classic.

Apple & Lime Rum Seltzer effortlessly zingy but hella punchy!

Passion Fruit & Lime Vodka Seltzer  - sweet and sparkling with a zesty vodka kick.

Strawberry & Kiwi Gin Seltzer - juicy strawberry and kiwi combo tastes as good as it sounds!

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