Wildcraft Brewery - Polypins 10l (18 pint)

Beer Type: Wild Bill Hiccup - Award winning best bitter - 4.5%
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About Wildcraft Brewery - Polypins 10l (18 pint)

Bag in Box polypins of your favourite Wildcraft beer.  These are great for parties, gatherings or just to have the luxury of draught beer in your own home!!

  • Boxes will last a month once opened, longer if kept cool. 
  • Dimensions: L = 40cm W =30cm H = 30cm
  • Remember, all our beers are gluten-free and vegan-friendly! 

Looking after your Bag in Box Beer (Polypin) - Wildcraft Brewery

This beer is cask-conditioned (sedimented) and needs to settle. Usually 24 hours. When locating the Polypin remember to find a cool place. The better the conditions the longer the life of the beer. In ideal conditions, the beer can last for up to 4 weeks as no air can enter and contaminate the beer so that you can enjoy real ale on tap at home.

Your polypin may have been sent to you unmade as posting can cause issues with the box.  If so, make you box and place the bag of beer into it, venting first through the tap if gas has built up.  Tape the box and allow to sit for 24 hours.

 Polypin Instructions

  1. Transport your Polypin in an upright position. Tap at top. This reduces the pressure on the tap.
  2. On arrival vent it in the upright position by opening the tap and releasing any excess gas.
  3. Break and remove the perforated panel of cardboard to expose the tap.
  4. Place the Polypin in the position it will be drunk, with the back raised by about 2 inches (a book is often used to do this).
  5. Allow at least 24 hours for the beer to settle (the sediment to fall to the bottom of the Polypin). Sometimes a small amount of sediment stays in the beer and causes haze, this is nothing to worry about as all Wildcraft ales are unfiltered and unfined.
  6. Do not move from the location you will pour from until the ale has been
    consumed. If you move it you must wait a further 24 hours until the cask ale re-settles again. 

Looking after your beer

When locating the Polypin remember to find a cool place, the better the conditions the longer the life of the beer. In ideal conditions the beer can last for up to 8 – 12 weeks as no air can enter and contaminate the beer but starts to go past its best 3 to 4 weeks after opening.

Remember to keep out of direct sunlight!


My bag has inflated and won’t vent through the nozzle:

This is due to the bags being double skinned. The inner holds the liquid, while the outer takes any excess CO2. Although this ensures the beer is kept in peak condition for longer, it can become an issue when the bag outgrows the box.

Although not recommended by the manufacturer, we have found a way around this. Carefully pierce a hole in the outer layer, being very careful not to go through to the inner. Squeeze out the gas and then firmly place a piece of tape over the hole to seal the outer bag.

As the beer has been disturbed it will once again need 24 hours to rest if you dislike cloudy beer!

Is your beer really gluten free?

Yes, we use an enzyme called Protease to strip the gluten out of the beer making them suitable for anyone that is Gluten intolerant.  We do however use barley and wheat in our recipes so if you are intolerant to either of these we do not recommend you drink it.

About Wildcraft Brewery

Wildcraft has a beer for everyone's taste!

Flavour comes first with Wildcraft Breweries beers. Whether you like traditional ales or craft beers, Wildcraft has something for everyone's taste. And they're gluten-free and vegan!

Wildcraft Brewery - Shop on Lassou

How it all started

Mike and Mark, the co-founders of Wildcraft Brewery met playing an online game called Clash of Clans. Later they met each other over a pint in a pub after a boring draw for Norwich City Football Club and got talking about their aspirations. It soon turned out that their business dreams were similar - a craft brewery where they can make their brews with natural ingredients and experiment with flavours and styles. 

Mark introduced Mike to a messy but quaint barn at the back of his parents' property that could be just the perfect home for their future beers. They raise money to convert this barn into a brewery and soon in 2016 a Wildcraft brewery was born. 

Wildcraft Brewery - Lassou

Mike's brewing skills, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of fauna meant that while they had a core range of traditional beers, something experimental was always going to be on the menu. As the pair foraged together, built a brewery, learned plumbing, electrics, refrigeration and more, Wildcraft became a hit with the local community.

Now boasting over 20 beers, all of which are gluten-free and vegan, they have something to suit all tastes, from bitters, to IPA's to hazy Neipas, fruity wheat beers, and seasonal small-batch editions.

At Wildcraft Brewery, they support the local economy and reducing their carbon footprint by buying local, giving back to the surrounding area by planting hedgerows, working with local farmers, schools and groups. They also support independent, local pubs. 

Discover the collection of Wildcraft Beers available from Lassou. 

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