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About Pietro Nicola - Pietro Nicola Pescaro (50cl)

Pietro Nicola Pescaro is fortified and aromatized peach aperitif wine.

Taking its name from the Italian words for peach (pesca) and bitter (amaro), Pescaro (pronounced pesk-ah-row) produced by the House of Botanicals is created by aromatizing English peach wine with eight herbs, spices, citrus fruits and flowers, two bitter botanicals, and fortifying with a proprietary botanical spirit crafted at The House of Botanicals. 

Pietro Nicola Pescaro is best enjoyed chilled, over ice, or in cocktails delivering incredible peachy and herbal notes. 

Volume: 50cl | ABV: 22%

Package Material: Fully Recyclable Cardboard

Bottle Material: Fully Recyclable Glass

Key Botanicals: Peach Wine, Wormwood, Gentian Root, Sage Leaves, Marjoram, Fennel Seed, Chamomile Flowers, Elderflower, Yarrow Flowers, Lemon Balm, Lemon Peel

Tasting notes

Nose:  peach, clean citrus and elderflower with hints of freshly cut grass and anise.

Palate: Fresh juicy peach dominates with warm orange, tart lemon, soft hints of menthol, and a melange of herbal elements intertwining to complement and enhance the dominant flavor.

Finish: bittersweet, clean and crisp with juicy peach carrying right through.

About Pietro Nicola

Italian Inspired Aperitivi & Digestivo!

Pietro Nicola is a range of Italian-inspired Aperitivi & Digestivo from The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen. 

Pietro Nicola Aperitivi & Digestivo - Buy Italian Aperitivo Online | Lassou

For the House of Botanicals distillery, Pietro Nicola is a way to champion aperitivo culture. They use raw materials from the UK, Italy and North Africa. 

Aperitivo is a drink - wine or a low-alcohol cocktail that is complemented by a snack, usually, pickles, cheese, or fruits at the end of the day before dinner.  Aperitivo came to the world of drinks from Italy hundreds of years ago and it is still one of the most popular and enjoyed drinks in the world. The typical time to drink aperitivo is around 7-9 p.m. Find out more about aperitif culture in our blog.

The combination of drink and accompanying snacks are intended to whet the appetite for the upcoming dinner, so aperitives are usually herbal, bitter, or sparkling. 

The range of Pietro Nicola aperitives is available from Lassou.  Choose your favorite, or take them all. Check out their three tempting varieties. 

Pietro Nicola - Pietro Nicola Pescaro (50cl) Reviews

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