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About Londinio Liqueurs - Londinio Amaro

Londinio Amaro is an Italian-style digestif handcrafted in small batches. It is a delicious marriage of British Wheat spirit and a unique blend of botanicals including gentian, angelica, wormwood, sage, lemon verbena, fresh orange and pink grapefruit peel.

Londinio Amaro works great in cocktails as well as sipped neat over ice after a good meal. 

ABV: 21.5%

Bottle size: 50cl

Tasting notes: herbaceous and bittersweet. Expect distinctive citrus and liquorice tones. 

About Londinio Liqueurs

Small-Batch Liqueurs Handcrafted in London

Londinio Liqueurs was launched in Summer 2018 by bartender Jake Coventry who has always enjoyed drinking all things bitter and fortified. He originally made the liqueurs for his own enjoyment and was encouraged to package his liqueurs for the cocktail market.

With the liqueurs being enjoyed across London he then started work on his range of Vermouths which were released in October 2019 using English wine and natural botanicals.

Londinio aperitifs are delicious sipped neat over ice, complemented with a splash of tonic water or combined with other spirits. Check out our range of Londinio Italian-style liqueurs and vermouths and choose your favorite!

Londinio Liqueurs - Londinio Amaro Reviews

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