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About Served Drinks

Served Hard Seltzers. Pure in Every Sence

Served hard seltzers contain nothing but their own ServedPure™  spirit, sparkling spring water, and wonky fruit resulting in a crisp, light flavour, and a touch of natural sweetness.

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Our Story

Served was founded and is co-owned by Ellie Goulding and brothers Dean and Ryan Ginsberg.

We set out to create a drink to feel good about. Not just for ourselves, but for the planet. Something lower in ABV, that was natural and refreshing, that tasted amazing, but without all the bad stuff. Pure. We embarked on an extraordinary 12-month journey to make this a reality; from wading through crystal clear natural springs in rural Staffordshire, to handpicking wonky raspberries with local farmers in the heart of Scotland’s Strathmere valley.

Responsibly Produced

We only use infinitely recyclable aluminum BPI-NI cans. These can be recycled and back in your hands in as little as 60 days. What is most exciting is that every can that is recycled reduces the carbon footprint of the next, creating a positive future whereby we aim to continually improve and minimise our impact on the environment.

  • Only 57 calories, 0g sugar, 4% ABV
  • No sweeteners, nothing artificial
  • Gluten-free
  • Purely from plants and 100% vegan
  • 100% Recyclable and BPA free cans
  • 5% of Served profits fund environmental projects and saving critically endangered species.

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