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About Kokoro Gin - Kokoro Gin Liqueur Cherry Blossom 50cl

British gin with a Japanese heart! This fab pink-hued Cherry Blossom Gin Liqueur from Kokoro Gin is made with the base of their original gin with the addition of sakura cherry blossom. 

Expect delicate floral flavors balanced with juniper, citrus, and subtle peppery notes. 

  • 20% ABV
  • 50cl bottle

How to drink?

Serve Kokoro Gin Liqueur Cherry Blossom Liqueur with tonic, soda water, champagne or simply over ice. Also works and looks great in other gin-based cocktails. Give it a try!

About Kokoro Gin

British gin with a Japanese heart!

Kokoro Gin is a Japanese-inspired gin created with organic Sansho berries, which are hand-picked in the Afan Woodland in the Japanese Alps.

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The berries grow wild in the Afan Woodland in the Japanese Alps, where C.W.Nicol (aka Old Nic) introduced them to his nephew James in 2014. James immediately recognised the zingy combination of citrus and pepper was the perfect complement for gin, and Kokoro was born.

The Sansho berry is a star of the Kokoro gin. This small berry is what gives Kokoro its distinctive flavour. A citrusy zing balanced by a warm and peppery finish. It’s the soul of the forest, at the heart of our gin - Kokoro Gin.

The berries are picked by hand at the start of the season when they are at their freshest, flash froze and packed in dry ice back to the UK, where along with 7 other botanicals they are distilled into Kokoro gin and gin liqueurs. 

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The Bottle of Forestial Heart - Kokoro Gin 

The electrifying zing of Sansho berries provide the backbone for the flavour, but it is the careful balance of juniper, lemon peel, sweet orange, almond, angelica root, liquorice, savoury and coriander seeds that provide the ying for yang.

These are the unsung heroes of our story; the delicate botanicals that enrich and enhance the experience; the sublime subtleties that transport you to the heart of the forest.

And that’s exactly why they called their gin Kokoro: it means ‘heart’ in Japanese. Not the literal, beating heart, but the soul and essence of a place.

10% of every bottle sold goes back to the Afan Woodland Trust to ensure this magical place never loses its soul.

Except for the smooth and delicate Kokoro London Dry Gin, the range of tantalizing gin liqueurs is available: 

  • Kokoro Gin Liqueur Yuzu and Ginger 
  • Kokoro Gin Liqueur Cherry Blossom 
  • Kokoro Gin Liqueur Blueberry and Lemongrass 
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