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About Brighton Gin - Hand Sanitiser Refill

Help Brighton Gin to reduce waste. Every Hand Sanitiser Refill Bottle you buy enables Brighton Gin company to donate another one to local businesses and organisations in need! 

Brighton’s collaborative efforts with A S Apothecary to produce and distribute hand sanitiser have seen great success. Hundreds of bottles of sanitiser were donated to many brilliant causes and organisations.  

The product comes in 50ml bottles so you can refill your hand sanitiser bottle twice. All of the packagings are fully recyclable. You can also refill ANY bottle that has an atomiser/spray pump top! 

In order to reduce waste, and to make sure they can keep on distributing hand sanitiser, Brighton Gin makers are asking everyone who has one of their lovely amber glass atomiser bottles not to recycle it yet, and to refill instead! It’s the same delightfully-scented and completely skin-safe rosemary and mint hand sanitiser. 

About Brighton Gin

Our mission is to take the Spirit of Brighton to the world - we want to build a global drinks brand, producing ethically and sustainably, with the highest quality at its core, and which contributes positively to the community it is rooted in.

Brighton Gin was founded in 2013 by Kathy Caton and epitomises the Spirit of Brighton: unusual, fun-loving, open-minded, fiercely independent and ethically conscious.

Based at the city’s first (legal!) distillery, we produce super-premium, multi-award-winning Brighton Gin in small batches, a stone’s throw away from the sea.

Every bottle of Brighton Gin is filled, waxed and labelled by hand by the friends-and-family team. It is the UK’s first vegan-certified gin, including not only the liquid but the packaging, label gum and wax top.

Only using the finest ingredients, including 100% organic wheat grain spirit, gives our gin it's signature smoothness and light zestiness in the glass.

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