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About Brixton Gin - Gin Bunny Card

Bring your gin buddy this cool-looking Gin Bunny Gard! The perfect card to go with your bottle of Brixton gin if your order is a present for someone!

Write the note for the inside of the card in the box at checkout and folks at Brixton Gin will do the rest.

Brixton Dry Gin is an amazing handcrafted blend of hibiscus and wood violets as well as instantly recognizable and familiar London Dry expressions of juniper, orange and lemon peel. most of the botanicals are sourced and produced in Brixton to reduce the carbon footprint. 

About Brixton Gin

A Unique Blend of Botanicals. Drink in Your Way

Brixton is a million things to a million people. That's what makes it special.

Brixton Gin - Buy Brixton Gin Online - Lassou

Brixton has always been home to maverick characters. Take Gustav Grais – a showman, famous in Brixton for his original choice of transport – a zebra-drawn carriage.

Inspired by the place and its people, who have always done things their way, we’ve created Brixton Gin.

Brixton Gin has a fusion of bold notes of hibiscus, wood violet and raw Brixton Bees honey, combined with more traditional flavours of juniper, lemon and orange peel. The result is a London Dry style gin, with a fragrant twist.

The botanicals used in the production of this gin are, wherever possible, sourced and produced in Brixton.

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