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About Freestar - GIFT PACK - CANS

Looking for a present for a person, who doesn't drink alcohol? Give the gift of beer! Not a regular beer, but a Freestar Alcohol-Free Beer gift Pack! 

2019 World Beer Award Winner
0.0% // GLUTEN FREE // VEGAN // 62 CALS

This Freestar gift box contains 3 world-beating beers and 1 sexy pint glass. 
It will no doubt become your loved one's favourite glass and hold not just beer but also the wine, tea and toothbrushes.

About Freestar

Freestar. A Fresh Take On Alcohol-Free Beer: Better For Taste. Better For the Planet.

Freestar is a fresh take on beer for those looking for better alcohol-free options. Because we create our beer from the ground up, we have built a beer that is flavourful and refreshing: we call it an IPA-style lager with a citrus edge (or damn tasty and refreshing for short!). Yes, we do things differently, starting with production.

Freestar is made in a completely new way that never de-alcoholizes beer, which is better for flavour (World Beer Award) and better for the planet (B Corp certified). Freestar generates 90% less CO2 than the industry average and we've used our unique production process as a foundation to make our environmental and social impact, across all aspects of our business, central to our decision making.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, 0.0%. Give it a try! Thanks! - Charlie, Eddy, Felix

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