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About Victory London - FOREST VERMOUTH V1 - 16.9%

Forest Vermouth created by Victory London Distillery is an invocative, sensory vermouth combining aromas of a winter forest walk.

The distillers have combined distillates and infusions of earth, moss, pine, cypress and cedarwood. These aromas are layered on top of the Victory London house style. The base of this vermouth is green coffee, wormwood, and rhubarb root.

For their Forest Vermouth, the distillers have chosen red wines from Austria for their earthy, fruity and tannic nature. A blend of completely natural and biodynamic Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. 

For the presentation of each bottle, the distillery collaborated with Ben Prescott of Ben Prescott Design, London. Ben has hand-printed, unique, one-off prints to wrap each bottle to replace traditional labels making every bottle unique and different. 

ABV: 16.9%

Bottle size: 70cl

Ingredients: Zweigelt and Pinot Noir, green coffee, wormwood, and rhubarb root.

Tasting Notes by Max Chater, the Head Distiller:

The initial aroma of this vermouth is of wet earth, hedgerow, blackberry, and oakmoss. There is a hint of spice, bark, and bay. On the palate, neat, starts with jammy forest fruits, thick red wine and lasting stimulating bitterness. It is invigorating and finishes with salivating cypress and olive leaf.

About Victory London

Victory Sprits. Take Victory!

At Victory London Distillery we use unique, modern processes to produce our botanical spirits.Victory London Distillery - Buy Victory Spirits at Lassou

The cutting-edge technology we use helps us to conserve energy, reduce water waste and guarantee consistently delicious products.

Victory London Distillery is run by the husband and wife team, Max and Máire Chater. Both are from Hospitality backgrounds and determined to make products that are great to mix, drink and enjoy. 

We asked Máire and Max about how they started their journey as distillers and what are the challenges of becoming a planet-positive and plastic-free brand. Meet the founders of Victory London Distillery in our blog.

Plastic Free Refill

The next step in our journey towards Plastic Free packaging

Victory London Distillery launched their amazing spirit refill cans. 700ml of award-winning Victory products in a can for you to refill your permanent bottle.

Refilling and reusing our bottles has been a part of our story since the beginning. We’ve ditched our plastic refill pouches for plastic free, infinitely recyclable aluminium cans. Our drip resistant plastic vinyl labels on heavy flint glass bottles will be a thing of the past and we’ll be re launching with a beautiful refill bottle which is made from the highest content of recycled glass used in a spirit bottle to date.

Refill Cans - Victory London Distillery | Shop Victory Products Online at Lassou

Plastic-free and protected

Another step towards being plastic-free and a more sustainable brand is the use of protective packaging. 

0% breakages
100% Sustainable

Victory Londong Distillery - Victory Bitter | Shop at Lassou

Victory Distillery produces gin, vodka, vermouth, bitters & more. They also introduced the Eco Pouch to the gin market, which are full recyclable refill pouches for your empty Victory bottles to encourage less waste.

Victory London - FOREST VERMOUTH V1 - 16.9% Reviews

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