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About Kiss of Wine - Feisty Nebbiolo

Feisty is an elegant Nebbiolo, dry red wine produced in the Piedmont region of Italy by the independent winemaker. Many generations of Corrado's family have tended his small Piedmont vineyard, surrounded by wildflower meadows. He usually saves his best wines for friends and family but set aside a few parcels for Kiss of Wine drinkers to enjoy.  

Tasting notes:

A sense of strawberries and pepper on the nose are followed by a light and fruity palate, with fresh tannins and high acidity. 

Food pairing ideas: Pairs perfectly with antipasti, a buttery tagliatelle or, if you're feeling fancy, Piedmontese tartar.

  • 250ml of dry red wine
  • 2016 Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy
  • 12.5% alcohol 
  • Vegan

This pack will be delivered direct to your door within 3-5 working days. Kiss of Wine deliver throughout the UK mainland for free.

About Kiss of Wine

We Exist to Make Drinking Wines Fun!

Kiss of Wine is a canned wine produced by small independent winemakers from Italy, France, and Germany. 

We're sourcing great wines from small, independent winemakers, then using simple language and beautiful design to communicate the taste and style. 

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We are all about convenience, or should that be can-venience? 

Kiss of Wine is packed in attractive 250ml cans that have a shelf life of one year and are gas-tight (no oxygen ingress, which can lead to corking or CO2 loss which can lead to a wine feeling flat).

There is also another reason why they choose to can their wine rather than bottle it. Cans are fully recyclable, perfect for a circular economy, and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. 

Kiss of Wine - Environmental Footprint | Lassou

All wines are vegan. Winemakers use no animal products to produce Kiss of Wine. And canned wine also ensures no beeswaxed seals or milk products in your corks. 

We find great wine made by artisan wine farmers and put it in cans 25cl (2gl) // Come discover the new wines!

The range of Kiss of Wine contains 8 seductive tastes:

Zesty (Riesling), Feisty (Nebbiolo), Chill (Grenache rosé), Wild (Dolcetto), Crisp (Sauvignon blanc), Smooth (Chardonnay), and sparkling versions of Chill and Zesty. 

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