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About Fee Brothers - Fee Brothers Whisky Barrel Aged Bitters | ** Limited**

The craftsmen at Fee Brothers take the classic bitters production to the next level by ageing their bitters in oak barrels from Tennessee's best whiskey distillers. The result? Absolutely wonderful Whisky Barrel Aged Bitters!

Tasting notes:

Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, orange, pepper.

How to use it?

Complements whisky, bourbon, and other dark spirits. Try a few dashes of Whisky Barrel Aged Bitters in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

  • Approximately 150 dashes per 5 oz bottle. 
  • 17.5% ABV

About Fee Brothers

Best bitters for great-tasting cocktails!

Fee Brothers is a pioneering bitters company founded in 1864. Fee Brothers is a family business and is now owned and operated by Ellen and Joe Fee, the fourth generation. Furthering their family's legacy, Ellen and Joe are now up to nearly 100 different products: cocktail bitters, cordial syrups, foams, brines, and botanical waters. 

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Don't Squeeze. Use Fee's.

We've been perfecting the art of drink mixes for nearly 150 years. Combine this experience with incredible customer service and an almost world wide distribution network, and you will find Fee Brothers easy to work with - Fee Brothers.

At Fee Brothers, they are convinced that anyone can make a mixed drink, but it takes experts to produce the right drink mix. Fee Brothers' product portfolio is the result of more than a century of perfecting beverage ingredients. 
We offer the flavorings that tantalize the palate and will keep customers coming back time and time again.
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Discover Fee Brothers cocktail bitters and order some to elevate your cocktail-making skills.

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