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About El Bandarra - El Bandarra Vermouth Rose 100cl

God save the pink drink!

This Vermouth Rose is another delicious aperitif crafted by El Bandarra. Made with locally-grown Rosé Grenache grapes, along with macerated red fruit, fresh herbs including rosemary and thyme, and 35% less sugar conent. This vermouth was created for your best summer moments!

Tasting notes:

Fresh and juicy, with a delicate acidity. Enjoy tones of summer fruit flavors - strawberries, raspberries, cherries, along with a touch of vanilla, and lollypop. 

How to drink?

Enjoy it with a lot of ice and a slice of orange.

  • 15% ABV
  • 100cl

About El Bandarra

The natural & refreshing aperitifs from Barcelona!

El Bandarra is the vermouth brand dedicated to bringing you to the colorful bars in Barcelona and exploring the beautiful culture of the Mediterranean. 

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Live the good life with El Bandarra!

El Bandara Vermut is a Spanish brand, established by the Virgili brothers, the 6th generation from the Casa Berger Winery founded in 1878 in Barcelona. Brothers' aim was to create the vermouth brand dedicated to reborn the popularity of vermouth and show how versatile and tasteful this spirit can be.

Virgili brothers used their family recipe, created in 1962. The recipe includes grapes from the local winery and Spanish botanicals. 

El Bandarra Aperitifs - Shop on Lassou
Virgili family are delivering to people the philosophy behind their Vermut. Alex, one of the Virgili brothers, says that vermouth in an attitude. It is a traditional Spanish aperitif, which is refreshing and flavorsome. A few things in this world can be better than a good chat while sipping delicious Spanish vermouth before dinner.
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El Bandarra Vermut is the combination of over fifty years of vermouth-making traditions and new ways that help to reborn people’s interest in this amazing aperitif.

El Bandarra aperitifs are available in 4 tempting expressions:

  • Al Fresco - soft, bittersweet, with notes of Mediterranean botanicals and a nice touch of grapefruit.
  • Rojo is a smooth, appetizing aperitif with a perfect bitter-sweet balance.
  • Blanco - smooth and bittersweet, with a touch of vanilla, mint, and citrus.
  • Rose - delicate, fresh, and juicy, with tons of summer fruit. 
Collect the whole gang and enjoy your Spanish vacation!

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