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About Don Q - Don Q Cristal Rum

Don Q Crystal Rum is one of the smoothest rums on the shelf thanks to triple column distillation and charcoal filtration. The spirit is aged for 1½ to 5 years in charred white in oak barrels resulting in an outstanding, delicate tipple.    

Tasting notes:

Enjoy a light touch of cinnamon, citrus, and lots of tropical fruits. Clean finish. 

How to drink?

Try it in Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Mojito, and all your beloved rum cocktails. This rum is really good for shaking stuff. 

  • 40% ABV
  • 75cl
  • Sugar-free

About Don Q

Exceptional Aged Puerto Rican Rum!

Don Q is a world-class rum produced by the Serrallés family from its corporate facility in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

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Exceptional Rum. Since 1865

The Serrallés family migrated from Catalonia to Puerto Rico in the mid-1830s and established a sugar cane plantation in the outskirts of Ponce. Their plantation was successful and soon they started to export their cane sugar to France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

In 1865, Don Juan Serrallés purchased a still from France and started producing his first casks of rum.

Don Juan laid the foundation not only for the Serrallés legacy, but for Puerto Rico becoming the world leader in rum production - Don Q.

In 1934 the Don Q Brand is launched for the general marketplace. The brand was named for Don Quixote, the famous literary character from the Serrallés family’s favorite novel. 

The rum fast became popular with locals and by now it is the island’s best-selling rum.

The Art and Science of Rum Craft

It is our enduring pursuit to innovate and perfect the process, always preserving the flavor and character that makes Don Q the preferred rum in the land of rum, Puerto Rico. 

Don Q Rum is produced from molasses, the syrup remaining after the production of cane sugar. Then, molasses is diluted with the fresh waters that flow from the Río Inabón to prepare it for fermentation. 

The yeasts are added to start the fermentation process. When fermentation is over, the resulting liquid which is called molasses beer is distilled 5 times to remove impurities for exquisite aroma, texture, and a pure, clean finish. Then rums are aged for at least one year in charred America white oak barrels to develop their deep flavors and character. 

Once the rum is aged, it's time for the blending process when Master Blender carefully combines the light and dark rums are combined with Soleras (overproof rums straight from the barrel) to receive the exclusive taste of Don Q rum. 

The final stages of rum production are charcoal filtration to receive a subtle yet distinctive flavor profile that is the mark of excellent light rum and infusion with natural ingredients for the flavored rums. After all these manipulations, Don Q rum is bottled, labeled, and ready to serve!

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Championing clean, environmentally conscious business practices

Don Q has invested money, time, and brainpower in the creation and implementation of the distillery’s waste treatment system to reduce their water wastes by cleaning up that wastewater into irrigation-grade water. 

Our waste reclamation program not only allows us to maximize our production capacity, but also provides valuable energy return and cost reductions in the form of biogas, electricity, service water, and industrial products that we can sell to other businesses.

Rum for every taste

Whether you’re looking to craft an exceptional rum cocktail or just sip something on the rocks,  Don Q has got a rum for every taste. Explore a selection of Don Q rums available from Lassou and order a bottle of legendary concoction born in Puerto Rico.

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