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About Disco Cocktails - Disco Old Fashioned

Disco Cocktails mixed all your favorite cocktails and packed them in sustainable eco-pouches for your guilt-free enjoyment! 

For bourbon lovers, try 'The Disco Old Fashioned' a mix of 4 years-old American Eagle bourbon and Coca-Cola syrup. 

Enjoy neat over ice for a punchy cocktail, or top with sparkling water for a lighter Highball and turn the music up.

About Disco Cocktails

We Have Cocktail Flavours to Fit Everyone!

The Ladies & Gentlemen Cocktail Bar in Kentish Town launched its range of funky 70s-styled cocktails to recreate a little ‘Night Fever’ at home. Perfect choice if you want someone else to mix your drink or if you don’t have all the ingredients to hand.

Sip over ice, or with sparkling water for a refreshing serve.

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Delicious park-friendly cocktails that can easily fit into your bag. 

The Disco Cocktails are made using locally sourced ingredients and craft spirits and packed in eco-friendly pouches. 

Each cocktail features a top-quality spirit — such as classic Polish vodka, Vestal — blended with a soft drink syrup mixer and a drop of disco magic.

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Disco Head — a blend of Yardhead Scotch whisky and Irn Bru

Disco Monster — a mix of Vestal Vodka and Monster Energy

Disco Cosmo — a blend of Vestal Vodka and Fanta

Disco Balls — a fruity barrel-aged Ribena

Disco Mule — a blend of Vestal Vodka and Ginger Beer

Disco Old Fashioned — a mix of 4 years-old American Eagle bourbon and Coca-Cola syrup. 

Disco Pina Colada — a blend of Dead Mans fingers Cornish spiced rum, Sprite syrup, and disco magic.

Disco Pornstar Martini — made of crafted Polish vodka and Fanta syrup.

Disco Cherry Sour — features Vestal crafted Polish vodka and Dr Pepper Syrup.

Disco Collins — a blend of Whitley Neill gin and Sprite.

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