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About Dark Matter Distillers - Dark Matter Spiced Rhubarb Liqueur

This Spiced Rhubarb Liqueur is the first experiment in creating a rum liqueur in the Dark Matter lab: bright and fruity, with a zing of fresh ginger. 

The distillers created a new way of bringing together the well-loved flavour combo of rum with fresh ginger and added tangy rhubarb into the equation.

Tasting notes:

Well-balanced tangy rhubarb, with spicy ginger heat, and a touch of fresh sweetness.

How to drink?

Try it on the rocks, with tonic / mixer, or mix it up. 

  • 20% ABV
  • 50cl

About Dark Matter Distillers

Step into the Dark Matter Universe! We have spiced rum.

Dark Matter Distillery is Scotland’s first rum distillery established in 2015 in Banchory, Aberdeenshire. Explore their award-winning signature Spiced Rum and a trio of spiced and flavoured rum liqueurs available on Lassou. 

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What if...?

It all began with a ‘what if…?’ moment between the co-founders, brothers Jim and John Ewen. The question we asked ourselves was: What if we built a rum distillery in Scotland? A few years later Jim and John established a small rum distillery and created their first product - the award-winning Spiced Rum. 

We searched the globe for ingredients that could deliver something distinctly different. 

The recipe includes freshly-peeled Oriental ginger, Thai green peppercorns, Indonesian long pepper, and South American allspice berries which intermix to give their signature spirit an explosive flavour profile.

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It's time to take your tastebuds on a flavour journey with rum liqueurs!

Besides their delicious Spiced Rum, the team behind the Dark Matter Distillery also produces a trio of spiced and flavoured rum liqueurs: 

  • Rhubarb & Ginger liqueur is bright and fruity with a zing of fresh ginger. ⁠
  • Orange & Chocolate Rum Liqueur - a tantalizing marriage of sweet citrus and rich chocolate flavors.  
  • Coffee Rum Liqueur is a delightful infusion of their base rum with arabica beans, cocoa and chillies for heat. 

We bash, crush, smash (amongst other methods) all these spices to open up the maximum amount of flavour in every batch.

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