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About Whisp Drinks - Cucumber & Mint

Whisp Drinks have something special for you! Enjoy the taste of fresh cucumber and cooling mint in their sparkling, Cucumber & Mint hard seltzer.

Whisp Cucumber and Mint is the best option for those who want to drink less but drink better. Pour it over ice, garnish with a twirl of cucumber and fresh mint or drink it straight from the can. Both ways are delicious! 

Pairs well with wide-open skies and toes in the grass.

P.S If you buy 12 or more you will get a special Christmas wrapped box with a can of each flavour. Perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift!

  • Bottle size: 250 ml. Sold in packs 4 cans each. 
  • Flavours: mint, cucumber.
  • Calories: 63 calories per can.
  • Country: UK

Cucumber & Mint Hard Seltzer contains no preservatives, no sweeteners, its vegan and the packaging is 100% recyclable!

About Whisp Drinks

Wind Down With a Whisp!

Whisp is a refreshing, low-calorie, lightly alcoholic sparkling water - the perfect accomplice to a balanced lifestyle.

Whisp Drinks - Refreshing and Low-Calorie Hard Seltzer | Buy At Lassou

Discover how Whisp appeared. Read our interview with Harriet, the founder of Whisp Drinks. 

  • Our 100% natural ingredients are sustainably sourced wherever possible, and totally vegan!
  • We don’t use sweeteners or preservatives, and even add milk thistle, our detox hero, to tackle inflammation and support a healthy liver.
  • We plant 12 trees a month for every Whisp team member in conjunction with Offset Earth. It’s our long-term pledge to be climate positive. At the moment we’re a team of 2, so 288 trees will be planted, saving 28 tonnes of CO2.

Whisp Drinks - Cucumber & Mint Reviews

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