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About Conker Spirit - Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Conker Cold Brew is an amazing coffee liqueur created for coffee connoisseurs. Enjoy the natural coffee taste without any additives or artificial flavorings. 

Conker Cold Brew Coffe Liqueur is handcrafted from Grade 1 Speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, grown using sustainable practices that help small, independent farmers produce exceptional coffee in harmony with nature, for a fair price. Turning the tide on decades of destructive commodity coffee farming.

ABV: 25% ABV

Bottle size: 70 cl

Ingredients: Brazillian coffee from the FAF Coffee farms, Ethiopian Coffee from the Guji Zone, New  Forest Spring Water, British wheat spirit, Demerara sugar. 

Tasting Notes: A satisfying balance of bitter and sweet, with rich espresso punctuated by stoned fruits and vanilla, leading to a long lingering cocoa and caramel finish.

Espresso Martini Recipe by Conker Distillery:

With Conker Cold Brew there’s no need to add Coffee or Vodka. Simply measure 70ml Conker Cold Brew and 30ml water into a shaker, fill with ice, shake for 20 seconds and double strain into your favourite coupe! Perfect every time.

About Conker Spirit

A Genuine Craft Distillery in Dorset!

We believe in treading new ground and creating meaningful experiences through innovative, beautifully crafted products.

Conker Spirit Distilley - Buy Conker Gins and Liqueurs at Lassou

Conker is a team of friends, sharing a passion to build a world-class distillery. We believe in creating meaningful experiences through our spirits and events. Lasting smiles and memories. Building something real we can all believe in, champion and rely on. A worthy contribution. We reject gimmicks and marketing bamboozling. We follow the path less explored. And we have a lot of work to do, with a whole lot of fun along the way.


Conker Spirit - Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur Reviews

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