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About Avallen - Avallen

Avallen is the delicious moment when flavour and sustainability converge.

A Climate Positive calvados, removing 2.73kg/CO2e per bottle, while saving the bees (a proportion of revenue from every bottle sold is donated to charities that support the protection of bees). Avallen is made with no added sugar and minimal processing, so this spirit tastes as good as it is to the planet!

What is Avallen? It is a natural, fruity and floral calvados made with over 40 different varieties of apples. It’s produced in the West of Normandy, and aged for a minimum of two years in French Oak before being bottled with no added sugar or nasties! A seriously fresh take in the world of calvados.

Floral aromas of fresh apples and honeysuckle on the nose, lead to a palate filled with flavours of toffee apple. The finish is long with hints of vanilla custard.

Enjoy on the rocks or mixed with premium tonic.

Avallen is a Certified B Corp and proud member of 1% For The Planet

Avallen has been recognised as the world’s most sustainable spirit at both the 2021 Drinks Business ‘Green Awards’ and Just-Drinks Excellence Awards, as well as ‘Best Speciality Calvados’ at the World Calvados Awards.

Tasting notes

  • Nose: red and green apples with a hint of floral honeysuckle.
  • Palate: sweet vanilla tone, toffee apple taste, and subtle oaky note.
  • Finish: warming finish with a hint of vanilla custard.
  • ABV: 40%

About Avallen

Bee-ing positive has never tasted this delicious!

At Avallen we believe in standing up for our environment and creating a drink that gives back more than it takes.

Made from nothing but real apples, water and time...

avallen calvados

Avallen, which means 'apple tree' in Old Cornish, is a delicious apple spirit born from a simple question: what’s the most sustainable spirit we can make. The answer led us on a journey, taking in ingredients, locations and people, all the way to Normandy, the orchard of France and the spiritual home of Calvados.

Avallen's Environmental Purpose

We questioned the environmental impact of every spirit’s raw materials, shunning grains, cane, agave and grapes in favour of the humble apple. We thought long and hard about every single aspect of producing a drink, from the weight of the bottle to which bank we should trust with our money, putting sustainability at the very core of what we do.

We’ve committed to making a spirit that’s delicious, approachable and fun, and also has a positive impact on the biodiversity of our incredible planet.

What is Avallen?

Avallen is a Calvados, a traditional apple brandy made from apples and produced under strict rules in Normandy, France. You could say that Calvados is to Normandy what single malt Scotch is to Scotland.


Apples are the heart and soul of Avallen, with 40 different varieties used from 300 different orchards, all located in the heart of La Manche, Normandy. We love apples so much, even our labels are made from them!

In a category dominated by old-fashioned producers, Avallen represents a younger, fresher and more apple-filled future. Forget spice and dry fruit flavours, Avallen is floral, fruity, and proudly apple-forward.

Appealing to everyone from gin drinkers when served long with tonic, to those who enjoy their spirits brown, or even fruity cocktail fans, Avallen is perfect for mixing, as a refreshing spritz, or simply for sipping.

Produced entirely in the West of Normandy, Avallen is aged for two years in French oak before being bottled with no added sugar, caramel or boisé.avallen
Avallen has won multiple awards for our environmental credentials, our delicious liquid, and also our refreshing and fun packaging and design.

🏆 Worlds Best Speciality Calvados - World Drinks Awards 2020

🏆 Worlds Best Calvados Design - World Drinks Awards 2020

🏆 Best Green Launch - Drinks Business Green Awards 2019

🏆 Winner '\Innovation in Design\' - Spirits Business Design Masters 2019

🏆 Best Company - Sustainability in Spirits Awards 2019

Avallen - Avallen Reviews

Customer Reviews

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We drink Avallen with tonic or ginger and really enjoy the crisp apple flavours.

Delicious and Guilt Free

I bought a bottle after trying it in a bar recently and it's just incredible! It has a strong apple taste that works really well with lots of different cocktails although my favourite was with ginger beer. On top of that it's very sustainably produced so you can enjoy it guilt free! Can't wait to get more soon.

You've got too try this

Avallen is a great find. A great way of having a drink and feeling like you've done your bit for the environment! Deliciously appley. Great on its own or as a long summer drink with tonic and ice.

You've got too try this

Avallen is a great find. A great way of having a drink and feeling like you've done your bit for the environment! Deliciously appley. Great on its own or as a long summer drink with tonic and ice.

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