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About Aluna Coconut - Aluna Coconut

Aluna Coconut Rum is an award-winning blend of rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with all-natural toasted coconut and pure, sustainably sourced coconut water. The flavours are so fresh and good that there is no reason to hide them behind the wall of sugar. 

We blend these rums with all-natural toasted coconut and pure, sustainably sourced coconut water which extends the fresh, coconut flavour and gives the rum a wonderfully smooth mouthfeel - Aluna.

The Guatemalan rum is produced using the first press sugar cane fermented with yeast from the pineapple plant to receive light, floral and smooth rum with a natural subtle sweetness. To this rum, the distillers add selected young Caribbean rums achieving classic run motes and an elegant, balanced taste.

Tasting notes:

This rum is light and floral on the nose, with delightful notes of coconut and banana. The palate is bursting with toasted coconut and vanilla. The finish is smooth and clean, with subtle nutty flavours. 

How to drink?

Perfect liquor for your best Daiquiris! Heads on to our blog for more rum cocktails recipes

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • 35% ABV
  • 70cl

About Aluna Coconut

Inspired by the moon, the great coconut in the sky

Aluna was created by three friends who loved great rums but couldn't find the spirit made with all fresh and natural ingredients that wouldn't be overwhelmed with tons of sugar. So, they decided to distill their own coconut rum, which will be all-natural and contain less sugar. 

Aluna Coconut Rum - Shop on Lassou

More coconut. Less sugar. All-natural

Their first creation was the all-natural toasted coconut rum, made with premium rums from Guatemala and the Caribbean with pure, sustainably sourced coconut water. This coconut rum was a success - it's all creamy coconut and tropical fruit in here. Perfect liquor for your best Daiquiris! 

Some time later, the friends released their second product which is a coffee liqueur made with the same mindful approach to sugar, made using their amazing toasted coconut rum and multi-layered flavours of 100% Arabica cold brew coffee, cacao nibs and subtle black cardamom.

Great on its own, in an espresso martini, try it over ice cream. It got a big thumbs up too.

Aluna Coffee Liqueur - Shop on Lassou

Aluna Coconut - Aluna Coconut Reviews

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