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About Freestar - FREESTAR LAGER - 12 BOTTLES

Freestar is a new generation of non-alcoholic beer. Why? Because Freestar beer is made differently. Whilst the regular beer is made of hops, water, malted barley, and yeast, guys from Freestar skip the yeast and blend their beer. Instead of brewing it, they use a banging mix of hand-selected natural ingredients such as citrus fruits to build up the flavour complexity.

This method of production is beneficial both for the taste of the beer and for our planet. The production process emits 90%less CO2, uses 80% less energy, 80% less water, and ends up with 70% less waste. And this is amazing! 

2019 World Beer Award Winner

  • ABV: 0.0%
  • gluten-free
  • vegan
  • 62 calories
  • 12x 330ml bottles

You like it or love it?

About Freestar

A Fresh Take On Alcohol-Free Beer: Better For Taste. Better For the Planet

Freestar is a fresh take on beer for those looking for better alcohol-free options. 

Freestar - Non-Alcoholic Beer - Better For the Planet - Buy at Lassou

We create our beer from the ground up, we have built a beer that is flavourful and refreshing: we call it an IPA-style lager with a citrus edge (or damn tasty and refreshing for short!). Yes, we do things differently, starting with production. Find out more about Freestar in our blog.

Freestar is made in a completely new way that never de-alcoholizes beer, which is better for flavour (World Beer Award) and better for the planet (B Corp certified). Freestar generates 90% less CO2 than the industry average and we've used our unique production process as a foundation to make our environmental and social impact, across all aspects of our business, central to our decision making.

Freestar Beer - Shop on Lassou

Vegan, Gluten-Free, 0.0%. Give it a try!

Freestar - FREESTAR LAGER - 12 BOTTLES Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Hard to tell the difference, really fresh

I got a 4 pack of these no alcohol beers, and banged them straight in the fridge. 2 days later the box is empty and my next order is in. I'm not a big lager drinker, but these are good, fresh, easy to drink. Great January alternative.

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