Lassou supports and encourages small independent businesses.

We created this helpful map showcasing a variety of great UK spirit businesses for you to explore, shop, and drink local.

Shopping locally helps small businesses in these times of uncertainty, and this is also beneficial to you and your community. Here are 5 weighty reasons why you should buy local independent spirits and drinks:

  • Small businesses are essential for a vibrant local economy. Local brands always contribute to the development of the environment they live in. Hence, by buying alcohol from local distillers, you are also spending local, and that money sustains your local economy.

  • By buying locally, you decrease your environmental footprint. Local gins and whiskies have significantly lower transport emissions than those imported from elsewhere. Stocking your home bar with spirits from local wineries, breweries and distilleries is a simple way to cut down on alcohol production's large carbon footprint.

  • Small businesses champion quality over quantity. Local brands produce their spirits from all-natural and locally-grown ingredients.

  • Local drinks producers implement sustainable methods of production. They often innovate, look for ways to decrease their water wastes, and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Buying local means buying something unique. Small and local distilleries often stock products that are not available elsewhere. These are small-batch drinks with unique ingredients, tastes, and design. Each bottle has a mission, vision, and value.

Lassou is the marketplace for all these unique independent spirits. We are creating an environment where brands can tell their story, reach more people, and sell their exclusive products. Check them out and shop your values - SHOP NOW

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