Lassou supports and encourages small independent businesses.

We created this helpful map showcasing a variety of great UK spirit businesses for you to explore, shop, and drink local.

Shopping locally helps small businesses in these times of uncertainty, and this is also beneficial to you and your community. Here are 5 weighty reasons why you should buy local independent spirits and drinks:

  • Small businesses are essential for a vibrant local economy. Local brands always contribute to the development of the environment they live in. Hence, by buying alcohol from local distillers, you are also spending local, and that money sustains your local economy.

  • By buying locally, you decrease your environmental footprint. Local gins and whiskies have significantly lower transport emissions than those imported from elsewhere. Stocking your home bar with spirits from local wineries, breweries and distilleries is a simple way to cut down on alcohol production's large carbon footprint.

  • Small businesses champion quality over quantity. Local brands produce their spirits from all-natural and locally-grown ingredients.

  • Local drinks producers implement sustainable methods of production. They often innovate, look for ways to decrease their water wastes, and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Buying local means buying something unique. Small and local distilleries often stock products that are not available elsewhere. These are small-batch drinks with unique ingredients, tastes, and design. Each bottle has a mission, vision, and value.

Lassou is the marketplace for all these unique independent spirits. We are creating an environment where brands can tell their story, reach more people, and sell their exclusive products. Check them out and shop your values - SHOP NOW 

Avallen Logo


About Avallen Calvados

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Avallen is a climate-positive calvados made from nothing but apples, water and time. Proud supporter of 1% for the planet.⁠ Discover more about Avallen!

Brighton Gin
Brighton Logo


About Brighton Gin

Brighton, United Kingdom

Try the true spirit of Brighton! Explore the range of award-winning gins from Brighton - Brighton Gin Pavilion Strength and Brighton Navy Strength Gin.

Brixton Gin
Brixton Logo


About Brixton Gin

Brixton, United Kingdom

Brixton Gin was inspired by the place and its people, who have always done things their way. This gin is a unique blend of botanicals. Drink in your way!




Bristol, United Kingdom

Explore the tropical taste insipred by Colombian vibe! Buy Caleno Light & Zesty and Dark & Stormy from Lassou. Bring the joy to not-drinking with Caleno!

Conker Spirit
Conker Spirit Logo


About Conker Spirit

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

A genuine craft distillery doing everything for ourselves, with a meticulous focus on quality, without the shortcuts. Buy Conker Gins and Liqueurs online at Lassou.

Cooper King Distillery
Cooper King Distillery Logo


About Cooper King Distillery

York, United Kingdom

Discover Cooper King Distillery, born in the heart of Yorkshire. Buy sustainable spirits underpinned by craftsmanship, honesty and adventure.


Crossip Logo


About Crossip

Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

Crossip is a range of alcohol-free drinks, made with natural functional botanicals. Three different flavours, each with a unique character. Explore the Crossip range on Lassou.

Everleaf Drinks
Everleaf Drinks Logo


About Everleaf Drinks

Bermondsey, United Kingdom

Delicious non-alcoholic aperitifs, produced from sustainably sourced botanicals. Mix with light tonic, add ice, and enjoy! Buy Everleaf aperitifs at Lassou.


Fauna Brewing
Fauna Brewing Logo


About Fauna Brewing

Arundel, United Kingdom

Fauna Brewing is a London-based beer brand with a great mission. Each of their beers is dedicated to an endangered species: cheetahs, wild dogs, and pangolins. For every beer you buy, they donate to charities that conserve these beautiful animals.

Freestar Logo


About Freestar

London, United Kingdom

Freestar is a non-alcoholic beer that is flavourful, refreshing, and better for the planet. Try their IPA-style lager with a delightful citrus edge!

Fungtn Logo


About Fungtn

Kelsall, United Kingdom

Fungtn is a functional, alcohol-free craft beer brewed with mushrooms that will keep your mind and body in good form. Available in three delicious options: Chaga Lager, Reishe Citra Beer, Lion's Mane IPA.


Gerry’s Logo


About Gerry’s

London, United Kingdom

Gerry's hard seltzers are low in calories, gluten-free and vegan. They’re the healthier option for those who love life as much as partying. Shop Gerry's.

Half Hitch Gin
Half Hitch Gin Logo


About Half Hitch Gin

Camden Lock, United Kingdom

Half Hitch Gin is based in Camden Rock, the homeland of London gin distiling. Try their Earl Grey Tea Gin and Pink Berry Gin.

Long Tail Mixers
Long Tail Mixers


About Long Tail Mixers

London, United Kingdom

Discover best mixers for the dark spirits. Long Tail Mixers are blended from natural ingredients with carbonated spring water. Available in 5 delicious tastes.


McColl's Brewery
McColl's Brewery Logo


About McColl's Brewery

Evenwood, United Kingdom

McColl's Brewery is a craft brewery specializing in easy-going beers, inspired by traditional British, Belgian, and new wave styles. See the limited edition collection of McColl's beers available on Lassou.


Mockingbird Spirit
Mockingbird Spirit Logo


About Mockingbird Spirit

Bristol, United Kingdom

Mockingbird Spirit is the UK’s first non-alcoholic tequila alternative that tastes just like real tequila and crafted for people who choose to stay sober. Give it a try and Shop Mockingbird Spirit.

Nc’nean Distillery
Nc’nean Distillery Logo


About Nc’nean Distillery

Drimnim, United Kingdom

Explore Nc'nean botanical spirits and prganic single malt. Try light and delicious spirits which can exist in harmony with this planet we call home.

Nine Elms Drinks
Nine Elms Drinks Logo


About Nine Elms Drinks

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Nine Elms is a fresh new non-alcoholic drink. Lovingly crafted to complement delicious foods. Discover Nine Elms ruby velven. Shop at Lassou.

Nuet Aquavit
Nuet Aquavit Logo


About Nuet Aquavit

Oslo, Norway

Born in Scandinavia, sharing Scandinavian moments with people around the world. Discover Nuet Aquavit - fresh and smooth spirit and an excellent gin substitute.

NICE Drinks
NICE Drinks Logo


About NICE Drinks

Purley, United Kingdom

It's wine and it is in a can! 100% recycable packaging, 100000% delicous. Try Nice Sauvignon Blank, Malbec, and Pale Rose!

Nonsuch Shrubs
Nonsuch Shrubs Logo


About Nonsuch Shrubs

Pettaugh, United Kingdom

Nonsuch Srubs - delisious non-alcoholic drinks with a long history. Try it in your cocktails to elevate the taste and flavors. Buy Nonsuch Shrubs at Lassou.

Old Tom Gin
Old Tom Gin Logo


About Old Tom Gin

Aberdeen, Scotland

The House of Botanicals crafted a range of Old Tom gins: Classic Old Tom, Maple Old Tom, and Raspberry Old Tom. Shop gins at Lassou.

Pietro Nicola


About Pietro Nicola

Aberdeen, Scotland

Pietro Nicola is a range of Italian-inspired Aperitivi & Digestivo from The House of Botanicals in Aberdeen. The range of Pietro Nicola aperitives is available from Lassou. Check out their three tempting varieties.


Pillars Brewery
Pillars Brewery Logo


About Pillars Brewery

London, United Kingdom

Pilllars Brewery is a Home of Lager! Try delicious lagers brewed by the first craft lager brewery in London. All Pillars beers are vegan certified.

Reverend Hubert
Reverend Hubert Logo


About Reverend Hubert

London, United Kingdom

Home-made British gin liqueur. A balanced, warming, smooth drink bursting with aromatic notes of dried fruit, spices, the freshest organic orange, and lemon zest.

Sapling Spirits
Sapling Spirits Logo


About Sapling Spirits

London, United Kingdom

Sapling Vodka is The World’s 1st Climate Positive Vodka. For every bottle you buy, they plant a tree. Buy Sapling vodka at Lassou and get a tree planted!

Served Drinks
Served Drinks Logo


About Served Drinks

London, United Kingdom

Served Hard seltzers is a delightful combination of British sparkling water infused with wonky fruit & paired with an ultra-pure spirit. Try Served hard seltzers and come back for more.

Small Beer
Small Beer Logo


About Small Beer

London, United Kingdom

Small Beer is a sustainably brewed beer below 2.8% ABV. Available in 5 delicious variations: Session Pale, Lager, Organic IPA, Steam, and Dark Lager. Shop at Lassou.


Tap Social Movement
Tap Social Movement Logo


About Tap Social Movement

Oxford, United Kingdom

Crimminaly Good Beer. Tap Social is a craft brewery and hospitality social enterprise in Oxford. Explore their range of IPA, pale ales, and lagers on Lassou. Free local delivery and nation-wide shipping available.

Tarsier Spirit
Tarsier Spirit Logo


About Tarsier Spirit

Stockport, United Kingdom

What about a bottle of gin with the Asian soul and a beautiful mission to save the world's smallest primates? Tarsier Spirit was inspired by the Southeast Asian flavors and tastes, and their gins combine the best aromas and ingredients of this region.

Tayer + Elementary
Tayer + Elementary Logo


About Tayer + Elementary

Aberdeen, Scotland

Created in one of of London’s finest bars, Tayēr + Elementary is a collection of amazing pre-mixed cocktails made from carefully selected ingredients. Simply refrigerate and pour over ice before drinking and you are ready to go!

The Cotswold Distilling Company
The Cotswold Distilling Company Logo


About The Cotswold Distilling Company

Stourton, United Kingdom

Try amazing whiskies, gins, liqueurs lovingly crafted in the heart of the Cotswolds. Cotswold Distillery supports their local community and uses locally sourced ingredients to produce their spirits.

The Duppy Share
The Duppy Share Logo


About The Duppy Share

London, United Kingdom

The Duppy Share is a unique collection of golden Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Barbados. The delightful taste of vacations in your glass! Shop at Lassou.


Three Spirit Drinks
Three Spirit Drinks Logo


About Three Spirit Drinks

London, United Kingdom

Three Spirit Drinks are the functional and healthier booze alternative designed by plant scientists and bartenders. The range includes three amazing non-alcoholic drinks: Livener, Social Elixir, and Nightcap. Each drinks was designed for a different need and time of day.

Two Keys
Two Keys Logo


About Two Keys

London, United Kingdom

Two Keys is the new generation of carbonated mixers set to unlock a new way of consumer drinking. Available in 4 delicious options. Shop Two Keys Mixers at Lassou.


Van Hunks Drinks
Van Hunks Drinks Logo


About Van Hunks Drinks

London, United Kingdom

Van Hunks is a handcrafted bottle-fermented sparkling mead born on the foothills of Table Mountain, South Africa. It’s made with indigenous Fynbos honey from wildflower nectar found nowhere else on the planet.

Victory London
Victory London Logo


About Victory London

London, United Kingdom

Victory London Distillery produces gin, vodka, vermouth, bitters & other drinks. Great spirits that are great to mix, drink, and enjoy. Shop Victory products at Lassou.

Warner’s Distillery
Warner’s Distillery Logo


About Warner’s Distillery

Harrington, United Kingdom

Warner's gins are crafted on Falls Farm in Harrington by Tom & Tina Warner & their team. Enjoy the exclusive British gins crafted with a deep love of the mother land and passion.

Whisp Drinks
Whisp Drinks Logo


About Whisp Drinks

London, United Kingdom

Whisp Drinks range includes two refreshing and low-calories hard seltzers: Cucumber&Mint, Raspberry&Elderflower. They also contain a milk thistle - the detox hero. Shop Whisp hard seltzers at Lassou.

Xeco Wines
Xeco Wines Logo


About Xeco Wines

London, United Kingdom

 XECO Wines is a ‘next generation’ sherry dedicated to bringing a modern edge to “uncle Monty’s tipple”. XECO range features two delicious bone dry styles: Fino and Amontillado.

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