At Lassou, we care about each and every member of our community – we provide adequate protection for both sellers and buyers. This is why we have put this policy in place to encourage our sellers and help them feel safe.

What you'll benefit from this policy

After you must have qualified, we shall work closely with you in ensuring the resolution of cases, investigation of chargebacks, and offer you assistance with any issues with your Lassou.

This Policy covers the steps you need to follow to gain eligibility for our Seller Protection and also the products and transactions that fall under it.

This policy together with our Terms of Service and all other policies form a contract between you and us. You agree that to qualify for our Seller Protection, you will be bound by this policy and other policies of Lassou.

Seller Eligibility Requirements

You do not have to apply to be covered by Seller Protection – once you are eligible, we shall enrol you automatically. To ensure that you’re covered, follow the guidelines provided below:

  • Ensure your shop is always in good standing – that is, you do not violate any of Lassou policies.
  • Ensure that all your Shop Policies are filled out and they are in compliance with not only Lassou policies but also your local laws – it is vital that you have return, exchange and custom orders policies.
  • Make sure that all your products listed are accurately described with accurate photos too. 
  • Your processing times or ship-by dates must be reasonable and also accurate.
  • Cooperate with any investigations carried out by Lassou – this includes providing us with any information that we request from you.

Order Eligibility Requirements

Make sure your orders are covered by Lassou Seller Protection by following the steps below:

  • Your orders should be shipped in line with the processing time or ship-by date you have listed or agreed upon with the buyer through the Lassou messaging system.
  • Make sure you ship your order to the address provided by the buyer on Lassou. Should your buyer provide an alternate shipping address via Messages, be careful of fraud or scams. In such instances, you should cancel and refund the order. Ask the buyer to purchase the item again with the correct shipping address.
  • Mark the order as shipped only after you have sent it out.
  •     Always make a valid proof of shipping available – includes shipping or tracking number showing the delivery progress and route of order.

 Not Eligible Products and Transactions

Most transactions and products are eligible for Seller Protection; however, there are a few exceptions:

  • Transactions in which the buyer makes a single payment for recurring deliveries.
  • When you conduct transactions processed outside of Lassou, for instance, via standalone PayPal or by personal check.
  •     Where a seller goes ahead to fulfill a transaction.

Seller Protection Benefits

Lassou will try to assist you in resolving Non-Delivery cases, Not as Described cases, and chargebacks if you are able to satisfy the eligibility requirements for your shop and order in question. To achieve this, we may request additional information.

You need to respond to our inquiries for Non-Delivery, chargebacks or Not as Described cases within 3 calendar days or the time frame set by us.

Please note that we need all the necessary information from you to help us resolve the dispute. Further, note that we cannot guarantee a resolution in your favor.