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We are an online marketplace dedicated to connecting passionate people with high-quality independent drinks makers.

Our mission is to help small independent makers to reach more customers, and to help passionate people to explore their tastes of exclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. To start sell your products on Lassou, please fill up the Seller Registration Form and then Register Here

Why Sell On Lassou?

We help you build your tribe on a platform made for your product, that amplifies your brand.

As an authentic independent drinks brand, you want to convey all the positive attributes of the products you’re offering, from the design of the bottle and its contents to the history of its origin and how it’s been stored over the years.

We will amplify your brand story with our collective customers and continue to build the positive image of your brand. Our mission is to help you grow your tribe, by connecting you with customers who love how your drinks taste, and support what your brand stands for!


Benefits Of Selling On Lassou

Making beautiful drinks that people love & building a remarkable brand.

📣 Benefit from Lassous' marketing effort

Lassou team leaders are putting all their efforts into making your business shine - with the help of our dedicated global spirits-experts, your products will really stand out.

🚀 Grow your independent business

The Lassou community of buyers from all over the world is growing and you get the opportunity to share your unique products with a broader like-minded audience.

🏠 Become part of a community for exclusive spirit drinks

Selling on Lassou allows you to thrive among other independent craft sellers from all over the nation; Together offering the largest selection of high-quality drinks at a fair price.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 We stand for something

We champion small independent businesses across the nation. We support your success story and do everything in our power to shine a light on your business.

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This is limited to Shopify-enabled businesses only, as we have a seamless way of syncing your products across to our website automatically, making it very fast and easy indeed.

If you are interested, please add your details to our form here Seller Registration Form and we will get in touch with you.

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