Drink Pink.

Rose is made from red grapes usually of such varieties as Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, or Grenache. Wines get their colour from the skins of red grapes just like Red Wines. But unlike with the red one, the winemakers soak the skins of grapes into the clear juice for a very short amount of time (it could be hours or days). Once the makers have achieved the desired colour, they separate skins from the juice and then ferment the pink juice. Some makers can produce Rose by blending Red and White wine, but this method is not very popular. 

Rose Wine can be pale, which means that the drink has a light raspberry or strawberry flavour, and when the Rose is really dark in colour you can expect deeper cherry flavours and a richer body as well. 

Most of the Roses are meant to be consumed young and fresh, but there are also great examples of old wines which are aged in oak barrels and possess really rich and deep aromas.

Rose is considered to be a perfect wine for the spring and summer periods as it is light and refreshing. It goes well with shellfish, fish, vegetable salads, and grilled vegetables. So, if you are going to have a barbeque, pick up some nice Rose on Lassou.com and have a nice sip of pleasure.

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