Valentine's Day Gifts for Drinkers: 10 Ways to Say I Love You-Lassou

Do you feel it? Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is coming, and that’s mean that you puzzle your head over the perfect gift for your significant other. While cards and flowers are the traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day, you also can’t go wrong with a bottle of delicious booze. Sweet creamy liqueurs, gin-flauvored lollipops, and ... vodka - this is our choice to celebrate the best feeling on Earth — love!

Victory Vodka

Who said that a bottle of vodka is a bad gift for Valentine's Day? Don't listen to them! Victory Vodka is a perfect for those who like vodka and coffee. Not, it's not a coffee-flauvored vodka, this is something much cooler. Victory Vodka is made using unroasted, green coffee. Raw ingredient (coffee) is cold-distilled at 45°C to extract the light, savoury, and almost vegetal aromatics. Delicious? Yep. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day? For sure!

Sapling Vodka and Londinio Dry Vermouth

Sapling Vodka and Londinio Dry Vermouth is a perfect couple, just like you and your valentine! Sapling Wheat Vodka is a clean, smooth, and crisp spirit with a naturally sweet taste and Londinio Dry Vermouth is distilled from English White wine from Hastings and a blend of 9 botanicals including Gentian Root, Wormwood, Sage, Bayleaf, Lemon Verbena, and Juniper. This duo is made for your ideal Vodka Martini!

The Duppy Share Aged Caribbean Rum

If your valentine is into rum, you can’t go wrong with the bottle of The Duppy Share Aged Caribbean Rum. This blend contains a 3-year old 100% Pot Still rum from the Worthy Park Distillery, Jamaica combined with a 5-year old 100% Column Still rum from the Foursquare Distillery, Barbados. Distinctive in cocktails and mixed drinks. 

Brighton Gin & Lollipop

A bottle of Brighton Gin and a gin-flavoured lollipop make an unusual gift for your significant other. The lollipops contain real Brighton Gin with the phrase “You’re the Brighton Gin to my tonic” engraved onto them. Sounds like the best compliment ever!

Half Hitch Pink Gin

This Valentine's Day gift is dedicated to make hapy the gin connoisseur in your life. Created in Camden Lock, the heart of London’s gin production, Half Hitch Pink Gin perfectly balances and plays with other spirits creating smooth and subtly fruity notes in mixed drinks. 

Sparkling Rose Mead

Let's face it,  sparkles rarely fail. Especially on Valentine's Day.  Van Hunks Sparkling Rosé Mead is a perfect alternative to your favourite sparkling wine. It is dry and refreshing, with delightful floral notes on the palate. This is a sipping pleasure indeed. 

Southeast Asian Dry Gin & Calamansi Negroni 

This Southeast Asian Dry Gin & Calamansi Negroni set is dedicated to meet your valentine with an authentic taste of Southeast Asia without leaving the house. Tarsier Dry Gin is a citrus-forward spirit with aromatic mid notes and a long peppery finish. Calamansi Negroni is a pre-mixed cocktail, inspired by the food of the Philippines. This is a great cocktail with the sweet citrus of Calamansi, the sharp richness of Balsamic and the bitter notes of Campari.

Cotswolds Peated Single Malt Whisky

Everyone knows that a good whisky is one of the best things to grace our planet. Peated Cask Single Malt Whisky is a wonderfully-balanced rich and fruity whisky with subtle notes of peat smoke. This spirit is delicious sipped neat, over ice, and in cocktails. 

Victory Bitter

Victory Bitter is a modern bitter Aperitivo spirit, produced in London and infused with botanicals and fruits including gentian root, orange peel, apricot, rosemary, sage and fig. The incredible red colour is achieved naturally through the infusion of hibiscus flowers.  

Cotswold's Cream Liqueur

Cotswolds Cream Liqueur is as sweet as love! Enjoyable notes of vanilla and butterscotch will warm up the heart of your valentine. This liqueur is excellent over ice or in a coffee. Tastes like maple syrup and cream with awesome malt spirit notes. 

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