Top 10: Alcohol Gifts fot Father's Day -

A bottle of delicious booze makes a wonderful present for fathers. So to help you narrow down the choice, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite bottles, from London Dry gin to Calvados and spiced rum. Here are ten boozy gifts for Father’s Day.

Avallen Calvados

Bee-friendly and carbon-negative Avallen Calvados is appealing to everyone from gin drinkers when served long with tonic, to those who enjoy their spirits brown, and even fruit cocktail fans. Avallen is perfect for mixing, as a refreshing spritz, or simply for sipping. 

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Cotswold's Barrel-Aged Gin

This barrel-aged gin is Cotswolds interpretation of the traditional Dutch genever recipe.

Barrel-Aged gin is made by re-distilling their malt whisky in a copper still and combining it with juniper, coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and other botanicals. The spirit is matured in STR red wine casks for 3 to 6 months. The result is an extraordinarily delicious spirit with notes of freshly baked fruit loaf, dark chocolate chips and vanilla.

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Sapling Vodka & Londinio Dry Vermouth Set

Your dad is a Martini fan? Then bring him this set featuring Londinio Dry Vermouth and Sapling Vodka for the best Martinis in his life. 

Londinio dry vermouth is distilled from English White wine and a blend of 9 botanicals. Sapling Wheat Vodka is a clean, smooth, and crisp spirit with a naturally sweet taste. 

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The Duppy Share Spiced Rum

This spiced tipple is your dad's new go-to rum! It is a delightful blend of the best Jamaica and Barbados rums. Enjoy the fresh taste with beautifully clean flavours of vibrant pineapple, kola nut and Caribbean Island Spices.

The Duppy Share Spiced Rum is delicious neat and when paired with ginger ale, soda, or Sekforde Mixer tailored to mix with spiced rum.

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Nuet Dry Aquavit

Created to bring the Scandinavian moments to the whole world, Nuet Dry Aquavit is a wonderful gin substitute. It is made from potato-based spirit and botanicals, including caraway blackcurrant, and grapefruit peel.

Taste perfect sipped neat as well as with tonic and a slice of grapefruit peel.

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McColl's Brewery and First & Last Collab. Box Set

Looking for the beer gift for your dad? What about a limited edition box set featuring beers from McColl's Brewery and First and Last Brewery??? 

8 cans of exclusive craft beers — spicy, juicy, pale, bitter, and more! Sounds like the best gift idea for the beer lover!

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Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Whisky

Nc'nean Organic Single Malt Whisky is made from organic Scottish barley whose natural yields and rich soils contribute a depth of flavour. Gentle fermentation and distillation accentuate the delicate, fruity flavours in the spirit. Matured in specially treated red wine and American whiskey barrels to develop spirit’s signature body and sweetness.

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Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky

What about a bottle of English whisky? Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky is the first whisky ever distilled in the Cotswolds. It is made of 100% locally grown, floor-malted barley and has been aged in first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels and reconditioned red wine casks. The result is rich, creamy, soft and very sippable whisky with delicious fruity notes and sweet honey hints.

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Brixton Dry Gin

Brixton Dry Gin is an amazing handcrafted blend of hibiscus and wood violets as well as instantly recognisable and familiar London Dry expressions of juniper, orange and lemon peel. The end result is a quirky and distinctive gin with delicate floral notes and a refreshing zesty kick.

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Nc'Nean Botanical Spirit

Nc'nean Botanical Spirit is a unique alcoholic drink made re-distilling base spirit with a mix of botanicals.The resulting drink is an amazing spirit with distinctive barley notes and slightly peppery flavours on the nose, followed by subtle herbaceous hints and a touch of blackcurrant and dark fruits. 

Enjoyable over plenty of ice with tonic water and a slice of grapefruit. If you have any to hand, a dash of bitters is a delightful addition.

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