The Best 0% ABV Bottles To Buy As Christmas Gifts-Lassou

The trend in non-alcoholic drinks and sober-curious movement is increasing and now a lot of new brands have appeared. All of them are trying to cater to the tastes of those who are looking for zero booze spirits. But which of them are worth buying?

Here is the list of our favourites, those bottles are incredible in taste and flavour profile and will make a perfect present for those who choose not to drink.

Caleno Light&Zesty. This is a clear spirit with pleasantly sweet and tropical notes of juicy tropical fruits. Caleno Light&Zesty is an infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals, steam-distilled in stainless steel drums. Best served with tonic & garnish with an inca berry. Your special person will love to have this bottle on Christmas. Buy Caleno Light&Zesty!

Caleno Dark and Spicy. This spirit has the rich taste of tropical fruits, such as pineapple and coconut, blended with ginger, black cardamom, vanilla, cola nut and lime. Where Light & Zesty is more refreshing, perfect as a lunch-drink, Dark & Spicy is here to carry you through the fiesta and into the night with warm, spicy notes. Caleno Dark and Zesty is not just delicious and alcohol-free. It is also zero sugar, low calorie, gluten-free, and vegan. The perfect combination for your not drinking friend! Want to get this one!

Everleaf FOREST. This is a honey-coloured aperitif with bittersweet and spicy aromas. The distilled botanicals include vanilla and saffron, gentian and iris, vetiver and orange blossom. The win-win combination of subtle sweet vanilla and blossomy flavours, and a well-balanced bitter pithy note on the finish. This one is crafted for spritz drinkers in your life. Buy Everleaf Forest for your special person. 

Everleaf MOUNTAIN. It is refreshing, zesty, and flavorful. The ingredients include rosehip, juniper, strawberry, myrtle, everlasting, and cherry blossom. Tasting profile is diverse: sweet and floral aromas are balancing with tart, spicy, and bitter notes. Consider buying this one for those who enjoy Spritz. Buy the bottle!

Everleaf MARINE is a refreshing alcohol-free aperitif, crafted for gin runners. Its tasting profile was inspired by marine and coastal flavours. The makers’ botanical choice includes bergamot, labdanum, sea buckthorn, olive leaf, dulse, and juniper. Enjoyable herbal bitterness, with hints of anise, lemongrass, honey and caraway in support. Expect refreshing and crispy taste, with subtle pineapple trace and subtle sweetness from dulse. A nice choice for rum runners. Shop Now!

Warner’s Juniper Double Dry  — 0% Botanic Garden Spirits. This spirit is created for gin and tonic fans. Enjoyable herbal hints on the nose with subtle aromas of rose, lavender, and pepper. The palate is cardamon-flavoured balanced with nice citrus hints and pleasant cinnamon finish. Add a splash of your favourite tonic to open up its aromatic bouquet. Buy as a present!

Warner’s Pink Berry  — 0% Botanic Garden Spirits. This bottle is an incredible non-alcoholic substitution of flavoured gin. The combination of berries, ginger and peppery notes result in a pleasant citrusy and floral nose. The palate is refreshing, subtly sweet, fruity and floral finished with a spicy ginger kick. Warner’s Pink Berry makes a unique non-alcoholic gift for gin person. Get this bottle!

These are our favourite zero alcohol bottles from British independent and craft makers. Each of them will make a perfect Christmas gift for those who enjoy sipping zero alcohol spirits.