How to Choose Wine as a Gift-Lassou

It's hard to find a more versatile gift than a bottle of nice wine. It is appropriate to give it for almost any occasion. A skillfully chosen wine shows that a giver is a person of good taste. Wine can be presented to a person of any age, gender, and social status. It is undoubtedly a win-win choice.  

There are two ways of how to choose wine as a gift. The first one is when you know the types of wine your special person prefers, and buy this one. This method is fast and easy, without any long searchings, tastings, and possible bad shots.

Or you can go another way and buy unusual wine that your giftee has never tried before. It is a little bit risky because you can fail and choose wine he or she won’t like. But if you succeed, you can call yourself “a master of wine selection”. 

So, if you decided to go the hard way, here are a few guidelines that will help you to make your choice:

  • Young or old: long-aged wines are considered to be richer in taste and more exclusive. It’s not always that way. There are a lot of incredible young wines up tp three years old. So, this criteria is not decisive.
  • Tasting preferences. Pay attention to details, if your special person enjoys sweet fruits like plum, strawberry, cherry, and so on, then look for the bottle that has these flavours. 
  • In the cold season, it is better to give red wine, in the warm time of the year consider buying white wine. Sparkling and rosé wines are the most versatile, suitable for any season. Also, at any time of the year, it is appropriate to give wines from grapes Merlot, Chardonnay, Riesling.

How to present wine 

Wine is a gift that needs a special presentation. If you want to show how long and scrupulously you were choosing this particular bottle, tell your giftee a history of the bottle. Where it comes from, how it is made, and who are the makers. It will take you just a few minutes to look it up in Google or ask about it the seller, but the impression your story will make on people definitely worth it.