Whisky Gift Guide-Lassou

No one is born an expert. Learning about spirit drinks, their origin, tasting, varieties, how to drink and mix them is a challenging task. If you are new to drinking whisky, here you will find out how to choose whisky to make a great gift for your special person.

First, you need to know what whisky is, and what these types of spirit are. You can read about it in more details here.  To cut it short, whisky is an aromatic alcoholic drink made from various types of grain using the processes of malting, fermentation, distillation and long ageing in oak barrels. It can be made from barley, rye, wheat or corn. 

When choosing whisky for your father, brother, son, friend or boss, pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Aroma
  • Whisky selection should be based on taste, aroma, strength and brand preference. The aroma can be classic Scottish with notes of charcoal and peat — or softer and more delicate, like Irish. Taste can range from sweet, with a fruity flavour, to harsher, with hints of wood.

  • Ageing
  • The time that whiskey spends in the cask has an important effect on its taste.  Generally, the older the whiskey is, the richer the flavour profile will be. The minimal period of whisky ageing is three years, and you can meet the finest examples of 12, 18, 20, and 23 years old whiskies. 

  • Food preferences
  • Do you know what food prefers your giftee? It can be a prompt for what whisky he might like. For example, if the person likes smoked meat he would enjoy the smoky and peaty taste of Scottish whisky. For those who prefer cheese, consider buying smooth and nice Japanese whisky. If your friend likes sweets, he will enjoy aromas of honey in Irish whiskey or chocolate and vanilla hints in American bourbon. And for those, who love spicy food, rye whisky will be a great option.

    Now when you are armed with knowledge about how to buy whisky, you can use it on practice while exploring the choice of whiskey at Lassou. And remember that each bottle of whisky is unique, as well as the person you are buying it for. So, try to build associations with this person and the spirit.