How to Choose Rum as a Gift-Lassou

A bottle of craft rum is a nice gift for all rum lovers. But choosing a good bottle of rum is not easy, especially if you don’t know exactly what to look for. Don’t panic, we are here to help you out. 

Types of Rum

Each rum has its own unique tasting profile, we will shortly describe the tasting notes of each type to help you determine the choice of the desired alcohol. Pay attention to those aromas and flavours, maybe your friend enjoys some of them. It will simplify the task for you. 

Silver rum is not aged in barrels. It is bottled almost immediately after producing.The spirit has a soft, sweetish finish, delicate aroma, and subtle oak and fruity notes. The best varieties of light (white) rum are suitable for making a wide range of cocktails, as well as eating with barbecue. If your friend is a cocktail and barbecue lover light rum is a sure option. 

Golden rum is aged in special barrels for three years. It tastes sweet and fresh, with hints of tropical fruits and vanilla. The finish will delight the desires of nut and coffee lovers. 

Dark rum despite its intence dark colour, it has a mild taste. You can taste sweet toffee and tart baked banana. The finish is more intense: here you can feel the original spices and nutmeg. For those, who enjoy spicy food and rich taste of spirits dark rum will be a great present. 

To cut it short, pay attention to the following details when buying rum as a gift:

  • Is your giftee is a professional rum drinker or just an amateur? For those who are rum enthusiasts, try to look for interesting varieties of the spirit.
  • What type of food he or she prefers: barbecue, coffee, nuts, spices? Look for these flavours in the spirit. 
  • If your friend is a whisky drinker but you want to present him with a bottle of rum, there are great examples of craft rum aged in bourbon casks. 
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