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Gin is not just part of the alcohol card. It also has a rich aromatic palette, a sharp character and a deep juniper flavour. It can be consumed neat or as a component of various cocktails. Gin perfectly refreshes long drinks, and also goes well with citrus fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers and herbs. A bottle of nice gin is a brilliant gift idea. Find out how to choose gin as a gift in this article.

Pay attention to the following aspects when choosing gin as a gift:

  • Type of gin

Looking for a strong drink with a cool, dry finish? Are you sure that your friend will not be afraid of harsh juniper notes? Then pay attention to  London Dry Gin. Would you like a softer drink with a fragrant grain note? Or maybe your giftee always chooses sweet between dry and sweet? Then your choice is  Flavored Gin. Looking for a middle ground? Then take a look at  Old Tom. It is sweeter than the London Dry but dryer than the flavoured ones.

  • Composition of the gin 

 It's time to ask yourself which spices and herbs your friend loves and which hates. Does he like ginger? Cinnamon? Or orange peel? Then pay attention to these points in the composition of the gin. Does he like experiments? Then step back from the classics and take a look at exotic gins.

  • ABV 

Everything depends on the preferences of the person you are buying this spirit for. Flavoured varieties are less strong, from 35%. London Dry Gin can reach 55%. Try to soberly assess your giftee’s capabilities. If you are looking for a drink as a gift for a gin connoisseur, it is better not to take varieties with a strength of 35–37%. They are considered by many to be "fake gins".

Now you are ready to buy gin as a gift! Congratulations. The next step is exploring the range of gins at Lassou. Here we collected the best exclusive bottles from independent British makers. It’s a high time to experiment with new brands and tastes.  

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