7 Offbeat Gift Ideas For Every Spirit Connoisseur-Lassou

You should know what it feels like. There is a person in your life who you know inside and out, but when it comes to presents, you are getting lost and don’t know what to choose: a cup, socks, antique clocks? To help you, we made this list of 7 gift ideas that will make your significant other happy, especially, if this person is into delicious spirits! 

For Gin connoisseur: Gin and Cocktail Tasting Experience

Bring your loved one on the quarantine journey around Southeast Asia. It is safe, entertaining, and delicious. Gin and Cocktail Tasting Experience created by Tarsier Spirit is a win-win gift for those, who enjoy a good gin and new tastes.  

The tasting set features drinks and a video experience so that your friend can take a virtual trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Buy now! 

Tasting set includes:

  • Gin & Cocktail Tasting Experience: 2 x Double G&T’s & 3 x Cocktails
  • 50ml Southeast Asian Dry Gin
  • 50ml Oriental Pink Gin
  • 2 x 200ml Lixir Tonics
  • 100ml Calamansi Negroni
  • 100ml Tropical Gin Old Fashioned
  • 100ml Lychee & Raspberry Bonbon

You will receive a boarding pass with your pack detailing how to access the video, and a list of garnishes to get to accompany your drinks.

For the sherry fan: Sherry: Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent! By Ben Howkins

Book is always a good present idea! If your loved one is into sherry, then she or he will be happy to get this book and learn more about this delicious wine. 

What is this book about: Ben Howkins, in colourful words and equally evocative pictures, delves deep into Sherry’s fascinating story and reveals why it is set to come back into our lives with a magnificent flourish! 

Get Sherry: Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent! By Ben Howkins.

One more for the person, who is into sherry: Monti Plant Print 

XECO is a Spanish brand of sherry, and their Amontillado and Fino are gorgeous, we swear! If your significant other loves XECO as much as we do, then this artwork will make amazing present. 

This Monti Plant Print was created by the independent graphic designer Natalie Guinamard to celebrate XECO Amontillado sherry. 

For the true Scandinavian: Scandinavian Moments Limited Edition Gift Box 

Nuet Aquavit brings a great gift option for anyone craving a piece of Scandinavian living. A premium gift box containing a bottle of the world's first and only super-premium aquavit and a picture book with their top photos of the year. Bring your significant other true Scandinavian experience! 

For the fashionista: Two Keys Animal Sweatshirt

This amazing sweatshirt is made with 100% organic cotton and printed in the UK in a renewable energy powered factory. Could it be cooler? Yes, dude. Just look at this awesome print, we bet your friend will be happy to get this sweatshirt. So, pedal to the metal and order theTwo Keys Animal Sweatshirt now

Oh, we nearly forgot to mention that Two Keys make the legendary spirit mixers, so, if you want to get one, check their choice of mixers. 

For the home bartender: Two keys Coasters and Bar Blade Set

Two Keys coasters and a bar blade set is a great present idea if your friend doesn’t have a decent bar blade to open bottles fast and easy. And those awesome printed coasters will protect the table from frosty beverages.  

For the home bartender, in case you didn’t like the previous gift idea: Warner’s Cocktail Pitcher and Tumbler Set

Warner's Cocktail Pitcher and Tumbler Set is a perfect gift for your significant other who is into mixing and shaking. The set featuring ceramic cocktail pitchers, hand-crafted in Stoke-On-Trent, by Wade Ceramics. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of Warner’s gin to make this gift set even more ideal!

Each of this products will make an incredible gift for your significant other. We love the products we recommend because all of them are made by independent spirit brands that provide their customers with high-quality products. Learn more about our sellers.   

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