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A glass of red for you? Or a can of Sauvignon Blanc? Maybe your choice for today is a glass of Amontillado sherry?

There are so many amazing wines out there and each of us has one or a few favorite bottles. We have noticed that there is something in common between our wine of choice and our personality. So, we highlighted 6 types of wine drinkers. Discover what type of wine drinker you are.  

Only Red for Me, Please

You drink, and you know things. You always know what you want because you don't have dreams, you have goals and step by step plans on how to achieve them. Sometimes you are bitchy, but let's admit it, sometimes we all are. 

Life is too short to drink bad wine, that's why you choose reds — Merlot, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon are your top picks. 

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The Wine Explorer

If wine was a chemical element, you would win a Nobel Prize for your outstanding wine discoveries. You are convinced that every season, event, and food needs a special wine pairing. Summer evenings are better with a glass of rosé, pasta tastes fabulous when paired with Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. And you never stop searching for new tastes. 

I'll Drink whatever You Pour

You are the life and soul of the party, always open to new experiences. You don't care what wine to drink and you don't care what other people say, that's why they like you! But there are days when you don't know what you really want — one time, you think you want to fall in love and a few moments later you realize that you just need a glass of Malbec. So strange, so you. 

Who Needs a Glass Drinker

You don't need a glass to drink wine, and you don't need a weekend to have a day off. For you, every day is the perfect day to do nothing and call it a flexible schedule.  You can easily find a solution to any problem and can't imagine your Friday without a can or two of NICE wine.  

Wine is My Therapy Drinker

You are always in search of something — meaning of life, new experiences, delicious wine, etc. Sometimes you underestimate your achievements and think that you should push yourself harder to get more. But what you really need is a country house where you could dig into the garden, not into yourself.  And a bottle of Malbec, of course.  

I don't Drink Wine, Beer for Me

Ohhh, you poor stray sheep... You just haven't found the wine that will melt your soul and taste buds. Take a look at our collection of wines, we are pretty sure that there you will find something worth trying. 

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