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Have you noticed that the category of botanical spirits is rising in popularity recently? Well, we noticed that as well. But, actually, botanical spirits have always been there: gin, absinthe, flavoured vodka, aquavit are all botanical spirits. However, there pop up a lot of new spirit brands that produce alcohol which they label as botanical. Let’s take a closer look at the nature of botanical spirits, how are they made, and what makes them so special.

Botanical Spirit: How it is made?

Botanical spirits are made pretty much like gin: neutral spirits are re-distilled with selected botanicals resulting in a complex and flavourful libation without the bitterness of juniper. But, actually, creating a brand new botanical spirit is not as easy as it may seem. The producers must pay much attention to the number of botanicals, flavours and not overplay the spirit with tastes and aromas. It can take years to create a perfectly balanced spirit that people will enjoy.  

The main difference between gin and botanical spirit is that the last one doesn't have the juniper-led flavour. Many people don’t like the taste of gin because of the distinctive juniper aroma. This has created an opportunity for spirits outside of gin, and production of botanical spirits grew in numbers. They excluded juniper, added other botanicals and voilà, the new botanical spirit for those who are looking for the gin alternative appeared on the market!

Three reasons to buy botanical spirits

We think that botanical spirits are most likely the next big spirits category because they offer a variety of flavours and versatility beyond that than any other type of booze. Here are 3 arguments in proof of our words:  

Botanical spirits are made with natural ingredients only. Now each of us pays more attention to everything that we eat and drink. Before buying the next bottle of booze, especially if you haven’t tried it before, you most likely will thoroughly read about its ingredients, if they are clean, sustainably sourced, and if the spirit is sugar and gluten-free. And the makers are happy to provide you with this information. You can often see the bottle of botanical spirit that depicts their botanicals, natural ingredients, nutritious information, etc. You can easily mark a change from the thousands of brightly coloured and artificial flavour and sugar-packed drinks.  

Botanical spirits are also new bartender’s favourites as they can provide mixologists with vibrant botanical flavours, those kinds of aromas which previously could be reached with liqueurs and syrups. Botanical spirits are even better in this case, as they contain fewer sugars than liqueurs. These spirits give a flavoursome and refreshing alternative to classical cocktails. So, next time you will be in Gin&Tonic mood, try to substitute gin with a splash of botanical spirit to experience new flavours and taste.

Botanical spirit makers are innovating and looking for new ways to create both delicious and planet-friendly booze. For example, Nc’nean distillery takes sustainability seriously. They use renewable energy and their 2 copper pot stills are powered by their biomass boiler. Packaging for Nc’nean botanical spirits is made from 100% recyclable materials, from glass to labels and gift tubes. They hand-pick all of the ingredients so that there is no need to use the machinery. Such brands as Nc'nean value the nature that gave them ingredients for their products so, in their turn, they are doing their best to improve, protect and grow the natural resources. And we are super proud that Lassou is a place where all these brands can reach their customers.  

Hence, when you buy botanical spirits from such brands as Nc’nean, you are also supporting the ethical spirit brands on their journey to promote sustainable methods of producing alcohol. 

How to drink botanical spirits? 

As we mentioned before, botanical spirits are diverse and many-sided. So, be creative and experiment. You can start with mixing it with tonics and cordials, and once you feel that you are ready for something more interesting, mix it with red bitter and vermouth for a new experience. Thinks outside the box and combine flavours as you like. You can make any of popular cocktails by substituting gin with a botanical spirit or even create your own cocktail recipe! Cheers to botanical spirits!

Whilst the spirit market is overloaded with new and extravagant libations, botanical spirits will take their rightful place right next to gin and vodka. Why? Because they are providing us with new tastes and flavours. Naturally sourced ingredients are combined with pure spirits to create a wonderful explosion of aromas. 

Explore something different and open your taste receptors to the whole new, natural flavours. Check out our range of independent botanical spirits. Nc’nean Botanical Spirit and Aged Botanical Spirit Set make a perfect alternative for those who wish to enjoy a different taste. 

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