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Ever had a drink and thought, "I shouldn't have mixed those drinks"? You're not alone. We all do it on occasion, but if you want to avoid the hangover that usually accompanies such a mistake, then read on! To help you out, here are the top five combinations that you should never mix.

Wine and beer

Wine goes with food perfectly. But this is a beverage that you'll have a tough time combining with other alcoholic drinks. Especially beer. This combination is dangerous because both beer and wine contain sulfites that will react with each other in your stomach. The result? A headache or an upset stomach, and you better avoid that. Try to stick to only one option and never ever drink wine and beer at one night. 

If you're having a formal occasion, go for wine, and if it's a casual hangout, beer will be just perfect.

Whisky and vodka

Whisky is a strong drink that is usually 40% - 50% ABV. Many people choose to combine it with similar strong spirits, like vodka or tequila. While this may seem like a clever idea in theory, the alcohol content will quickly add up on your body and you'll be hammered in no time. If it's not what you want from a regular night out, avoid combining these strong spirits.

Energy drinks and any liquor

The worst thing you can order when drinking at a bar is an energy drink. You can get anything you want, but you've chosen an energy drink? Never mix alcoholic beverages with energy drinks because they're actually more harmful than any spirit.

Beer and Vodka

Mixing beer with anything is never a good idea, but especially so when you're drinking vodka. This combo will give your head an awful headache in no time! To avoid that fate, just stick to one of them. 

Wine and Vodka

Wine and vodka is maybe the worst combination humanity could ever come with. It will give you the wildest hangover in your life, especially if you choose red wine. The tannins in red wine irritate your stomach and literally drain the water out of your organism. And the vodka acts pretty much the same, leaving you drunk, sick and dehydrated. It's gonna take time to get back to normal life the next day. 

There is cocktail, featuring red wine and vodka which we do not recommend you to try. The drink is called “Brutal Hammer” for a reason. The recipe says that you should mix red wine and vodka in a large glass, “pray to God”, and then slam the drink and cancel all the plans for tomorrow because there will be only one thing in your schedule - hangover.

What drinks can you mix together?

As you can see, mixing various types of alcohol is not a good idea. However, you can experiment and combine the same spirits (whiskies, rums) in a cocktail to create a unique flavour profile. 

What Drinks You Should Never Mix Together? | Lassou Blog

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