Warner’s Trash & Treasure Spiced Botanical Rum. Award-Winning. Powered by Nature to the Last Drop-Lassou

A month ago, on the 8th of February Warner’s Distillery launched their first rum. A week ago on the 1st of March, Trash and Treasure Spiced Botanical Rum received a Master medal at the 2021 Rum Masters for being “dry, exciting and different”. Congrats, Warner’s Distillery, that's the spirit!  

Inspired with the idea that one person’s trash is another’s treasure, guys at Warner’s distillery made their spiced rum combining the things no one wanted, including roasted dandelion roots, overripe bananas, and discarded citrus peels. This unusual marriage of herbs and fruits created an amazing flavour profile and exclusive palate of the rum that was described by the Rum Master judges as “wood, sandalwood and spice notes”, along with a little “chilli and bitter orange”. Sounds pretty delicious, right?

Trash and Treasure Spiced Rum is made using all-natural ingredients. “To make something that is 100% natural is unusual in a category that you could say is littered with short-cuts and synthetic flavours, but it’s what we do”, — said Tom Warner, the founder of Warner’s Distillery. 

To make their award-winning rum, Warner’s distillers use white Jamaican rum as a base spirit and extract the flavours from botanicals in two steps. First, roasted dandelion root is distilled with over-ripe brown bananas, orange peel waste, farm-grown lemon verbena and several other spices including smoky black cardamom, cinnamon and Sichuan peppercorn.  The result is a super tropical white rum

Then in this rum, the second round of botanicals are soaked in for eight hours.  More roasted dandelion root, more fresh orange, grapefruit peel and cassia bark are added to the liquid to receive a rich amber colour without the need to add any artificial colouring. By repurposing weeds from the British countryside & saving food waste from landfill, we’ve made a rum that not only tastes great but also does good for the planet,  note Warner's distillers. The exciting and piquant taste along with all-natural ingredients and sustainable method of production make Trash & Treasure Spiced Botanical Rum a truly unique spirit.

Tasting notes:

Nose: seductive fresh orange and grapefruit aromas, combined with notes of sponge pudding, caramel and honey

Palate: expect a soft and creamy sweetness dancing on your tongue, followed by a delicious combination of dandelion & sichuan spice, vanilla and cinnamon

Finish: super tasty finish with a toasted earthiness, hints of vanilla, banana and orange

Warner’s Trash & Treasure Spiced Botanical Rum is stunning neat, served with cola or ginger ale and it also gives a seductive spicy kick in rum-based cocktails. 

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