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Great news, eco-friendly drinkers, Victory London Distillery relaunched and presented their new branding. It's plastic-free and looks amazing!


The new Victory bottles are lighter and locally made to minimize the shipping weight and transportation emits. They are sustainable from head to toe:

  • glass stoppers are more permanent options than multi material ones;
  • tamper proof seals are plant-based (made from extruded cellulose) and are completely biodegradable;
  • labels are produced from an upcycled fiber stock. They are made of 95% bagasse, the byproduct of the sugarcane industry and 5% hemp and linen fibers, selected from annually renewable plants. And here's more: the new labels are manufactured on the Acid-free, PH neutral and Elemental Chlorine-free paper mill. 

New Victory bottles are permanent and refillable and can be refilled as many times as you want. Here's to Victory!

Victory Distillery Presented Their New Branding - Bye Plastic!

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The information about the spirit is featured on the label, along with the QR code for ordering your refill which comes in fully recyclable aluminium can. 

It's time to finally put words on the front of the bottle! The simple typography-led design is a reflection of our pursuit to make accessible, mixable products. In contrast to our old brand image, we hope that having more information on the front of the bottle encourages approachability and transparency about who we are and what we do - Victory.

Victory Distillery Presented Their New Branding - Bye Plastic!

About Victory Distillery

Victory is a modern alcohol brand providing its consumers with a great choice of botanical spirits including vodka, gin, vermouth, red bitters, and pre-mixed cocktails.

At Victory distillery they use vacuum distillation which means that  spirits are distilled at much lower temperatures than usual, avoiding heat damage to delicate botanicals. This way, the distillers are able to capture flavours and aromas that traditional distillation cannot.

Victory Distillery is run by Max and Máire Chater — husband and wife team, both are from hospitality backgrounds and are on a mission to create products that are great to mix, drink and enjoy.

Discover more about Victory Distillery in this interview with Max and Máire.

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