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With the explosion of gin, there’s a whole new style of gin that has evolved — flavoured gins. This type of gin dials back on the juniper flavour and experiments with a wide range of botanicals, fruits, spices, etc. creating unusual tastes that are delicious sipped neat or in a range of cocktails. Here is our list of the best flavoured gins crafted by independent local brands. 

Warner's Honeybee Gin

Warner's Honeybee Gin is crafted with 28 botanicals; lavender, rose, honey from our hives and a healthy dose of sunshine. Created in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society to protect the bees — our pollinators.

Serve with a splash of Mediterranean tonic water, a slice of lemon for a perfect summer joy!

*Not suitable for vegans. 

Tasting profile: complex floral bouquet with sweet honey and subtle spice. Soft and creamy with lavender, rose and hints of grapefruit giving it a little zest. The finish is smooth and enduring with the dry-sweet spice of juniper and honey.

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Cotswolds Ginger Gin 

Cotswolds Ginger Gin is a warming and spicy barrel-aged gin combining Cotswolds Dry Gin, American oak barrels, candied ginger and fresh orange peel.   A wonderfully spiced seasonal favourite. Serve it neat or over ice to enjoy fabulous notes of honey, spicy ginger, and juniper.

Tasting Profile: honey and sweet orange notes balance the fresh spicy ginger and piney juniper. Rich aromas of vanilla and red fruit notes from the casks. The finish is long and full of dry oak spice and ginger, with lots more honey.

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Half Hitch Earl Grey Tea Gin 

Half Hitch Earl Grey Tea Gin is a flavoured gin produced using a combination of traditional copper pot distillation, modern vacuum distillation, and tinctures. The ingredients include bergamot orange from ancient groves in Calabria, Black Tea from Malawi, black pepper, English wood, and hay.

A bottle of this gin is a must-have for your home bar. Earl Grey Tea Gin is a perfect team player as it pairs well with tonic water as well as with other spirits and mixers for your incredible homemade cocktails.

Tasting profile: citrus notes come first, followed by herbal hints of black tea and juniper. The finish is long and peppery, complemented with juniper notes, hints of black tea and orange peel shining through.

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Cotswolds No.1 Wildflower Gin 

Cotswolds No.1 Wildflower Gin is a delightful blend of cornflowers, lavender and orange layered over a classic dry gin. This taste will transfer your minds to the summer meadows, bringing you sweet and pleasant floral notes combined with zesty orange notes.

Paired with premium tonic and a slice of orange, it makes for the perfect gin spritz. 

Tasting profile: delicate, floral notes of lavender with sweet bursts of fresh orange.

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Conker Port Barrel Gin 

Conker Port Barrel Gin is a delicious libation you have never tried before. This gin is rested in used Port barrels from Portugal, drawing out the 5-year-old Ruby Port from the oak staves, infusing its aged flavour and turning the gin a stunning ruby-pink. 

An excellent choice for refreshing and fruity cocktails! 

Tasting profile:  The dry juniper and herbaceous freshness of the Dorset Dry is accompanied by vanilla oak softness, subtle sweet red berry and winter spice. The finish is dry and citrus-forward. 

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Tarsier Oriental Pink Gin

Oriental Pink Gin, crafted by Tarsier Spirits in a super cool pink bottle is an amazing gift idea for gin lovers who enjoy fruity and refreshing gin with subtle botanical notes. 

Raspberries and red dragon fruit are distilled alongside calamansi, which is a variety of lime, calangal, and traditional botanicals. After distillation, raspberry and lychee are infused into the spirit for an incredibly sweet flavour and pink hue.

Tasting profile: floral notes, hints of sweet lychee and raspberries followed by peppery juniper notes and a subtle ginger kick. 

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Victory Pink Gin

Victory Pink Gin is a true sipping pleasure, and if you love flavoured gin as much as we do, this bottle will occupy pride of place in your drinks cabinet. 

The fruity flavour and rosé colour come from 8 Brix Verjus Red by Minus 8, a family-owned vineyard in Canada, where they craft exceptional vinegar and verjus.

Verjus is a zeitgeist ingredient, used by chefs and bartenders alike, to achieve balanced sweetness and acidity. 

Tasting profile: flavours of spring cherry, cranberry, and green plum from the Verjus and of course a kick of fresh Juniper, Orange and Orris.

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Warner's Lemon Balm Gin 

To create their Lemon Balm Gin, Warner's makers have combined carefully selected botanicals including hand-picked lemon balm, lemon verbena and lemon thyme, with juniper, coriander seed, lemon peel, angelica root. This is a wonderful citrusy gin, a win-win combination of zesty citrusy and herbaceous notes. 

Warner's Lemon Balm Gin tastes heavenly served over ice with Mediterranean tonic water and a slice of lemon. 

Tasting profile: herbaceous lemon balm and juniper flavours are followed by a gentle tingling on the tongue with honeyed figs. The finish is smooth and lasting with pink pepper, citrus and soft lavender.

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Cooper King Herb Gin

Cooper King Herb Gin is an absolutely fresh and new green expression. It is bursting with beautifully balanced aromas of lemongrass, fresh basil, and flavourful cloves. 

Serve it with a splash of Indian tonic and garnish with a fresh basil leaf to create the Spring G&T.

Tasting profile: notes of juniper and aromatic cloves are followed by impressive notes of fresh basil and delicate aromas of lemongrass.

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Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin

Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin is made from the finest local fruit and berries, macerated slowly in award-winning Cotswolds Dry Gin before being barrel-aged in ex-red wine casks for 3-4 months. It is then removed from casks, slow-pressed, blended and lightly sweetened.

Try it neat or over ice to feel all spectrum of aromas!

Tasting profile: sweet, stone fruits and light woody notes. Rich fruit and berry flavours are followed by a dry and spicy finish. 

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