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Canned alcoholic drinks occupied our lives. And for the good reasons: they are easy to carry, usually low-budget, and Instagrammable. Yep, glass is optional now, the future is canned.

Why cans are growing in popularity?  

Cans are Сonvenient and Portable

We love canned beverages because they are convenient and easy to carry. You can put a few cans of hard seltzers, wine, or beer into your backpack and it won't be heavy as hell. And, of course, you don't need to worry that they will break. So, 10 points to the cans team!

Cans are also perfect for use in festivals, concerts, picnics and parties – they are safer than glass and perfect in size, and great for sharing with your friends. You can enjoy your favorite beverages whenever and wherever you want.

Cans is a Sustainable Packaging Solution

Canned drinks are perfect circular-economy products. They are not just about looking good, they are something consumers can feel good about buying. Metal packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable, meaning it can be recycled again and again without loss of performance. And canned wine also ensures no beeswaxed seals or milk products in your corks. 

Cans can Keep Your Drinks Fresh

Cans are able to keep the drink inside fresh and flavourful for longer. Why? Because cans are gas tight (no oxygen ingress, which can lead to corking or CO2 loss and a result – your beer, or wine will lose its taste). Cans also effectively block out damaging efforts of light, and help preserve flavor and carbonation.

Best Canned Drinks to Try

Bloody Drinks

Bloody Mary in a can you say? Yep, and it's bloody delicious!

Made with all-natural ingredients, with no colourings or flavour enhancers, and at only 136 calories per can – this is one of the best Bloody Mary's options in the cocktail world!

Shop Bloody Drinks

Gerry's Hard Seltzers

Gerry's hard seltzers are great low-abv options for those who love life as much as partying. That's why Gerry's hard seltzers are low in calories, gluten-free, vegan, and packed in sustainable 100% recyclable cans. 

We’re environmentally focused, using recyclable packaging and sustainable supply chains – Gerry's.

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Nice Wine

WIne in a can is now a thing! NICE is an amazing wine brand selling delicious Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pale Rosé that are packaged in a portable, eco-friendly way. Wine cans and packaging are 100% recyclable for your “guilt-free enjoyment”.

Cans are fully recyclable, safer than glass, and perfect in size, especially, when you don’t want to drink the whole bottle at a time.

Nice Drinks - Wine in a Can | Shop on Lassou
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