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Vodka or wine? Or, maybe, a shot of tequila? Tell us what is your favourite liquor and we will tell you who you are. We believe that your spirit of choice can tell us a little bit about your personality and lifestyle. This post has entertaining character only, so, please, don't take it too personaly, and remember that you are one-of-a-kind! 


Whisky fans are decisive and self-confident people. You know what you want from life and how to get it. Some people can think you are boring, but who cares. Whisky-lovers don’t take note of other’s opinions: your motto is “My life — my rules”. You appreciate both the drink and the party and know the time and place for each. Whiskey aficionados have refined taste and good manners. In certain situations, you are conservative and judicious. You value peace and order and always make informed decisions. 

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If you prefer vodka, that means you prefer straight-to-the-point alcohol rather than all these sugary drinks, and cocktails. People who drink vodka enoy it's perfect balance of taste and body. You know the value of yourself and those around you and don't like unnecessary fuss. Vodka lovers are calm and down to earth, but that doesn’t mean that you are boring. You know how to throw the wildest parties ever, but sometimes you just need a peaceful time with your significant other. 

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You’re versatile in the most fun way possible. You can light up any room you step into, although not everyone can keep up with your upbeat energy. Lovers of rum cocktails hate boredom and monotony — you are always in search of new experiences. You are easy-going, love experiments, and everything new. People can think that you are irresponsible but don’t listen to them, because you are amazing! 

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Tequila and rum fans have so much in common! If you love tequila, you are most likely to be the absolute life of the party, you are the best example of a crazy party person. You love being the centre of attention and adore anything that will take the edge off. You are the one who knows how to have a good time. You may be compensating for insecurity, but you're having fun nonetheless. 

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Gin and Tonic, please! People, who enjoy gin are usually mild, sometimes wild, a loner or the life of the party — you’re all over the spectrum! Sophisticated, intelligent, and refreshing are just few words that people use to describe you. You are also quite versatile, mysterious, and you generally do well with others. You may not be as popular as your counterparts but you are definitely a force to be reckoned with. People often call you many things but one thing is true, you’re a classic. 

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Craft Beer

Craft beer drinkers are the new wine snobs. Your hobby is to give people advice, even if they didn’t ask about it. You can talk for hours and hours about yourself, sometimes you care too much about how you look like. People love you because you have an incredible sense of humour and amazing charisma. You are always open to new perspectives and mix well with everyone. 

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If you are into wine, most likely, you are a very sophisticated person. Red wine is preferred by passionate people who like to enjoy every moment in life. Lovers of white wine are reasonable, restrained and quite ambitious by nature. Wine fans have a broad outlook, impeccable manners and a ton of charm. However, it sometimes happens that this is all a mask, and instead of a noble person, you get a self-confident egoist, but we know that it is not about you! 

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You are a hedonist: the most important thing for you is pleasure and enjoyment, and let the whole world wait. That is why you prefer calvados which, frankly speaking, is not drunk at all. You savor it. And if in front of you someone starts to swallow calvados, like vodka, or, God forsake, bite it after, you will drive crazy! Because you are also intolerant, yes. However, this is your biggest drawback. In all other cases, you are perfect.  

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Non-alcoholic drinks 

You don’t like to adapt to other’s desires and preferences and you don’t need to be like anyone else. You wanna drink with everyone but you can't handle the strong alcohol taste. And who says you have to? You respect your borders and don’t care what other people think about it. Way to go! 

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Well, we hope that we were at least close to the truth. No matter what spirit you love, vodka, tequila, beer or non-alcoholic drinks — Lassou always get you covered. We have collected the best liquors from independent makers for you! Explore our range of spirits and order exclusive bottles of sipping for your pleasure.

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