Sustainability in the Drinks Industry: Why It Matters?

The UK is hosting the final COP26 summit to bring climate change under control. So far, 200 countries have committed their plans for cutting emissions by 2030.

The Cop26 draft statement has been released outlining the major decisions and resolutions that are aimed to deal with global warming. These include stopping deforestation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helping poorer nations cope with climate change, etc. We hope that all countries will achieve these goals in the coming years.

At Lassou, we know that sustainability is important for the planet. We take it seriously and want to talk about why this issue matters in the drinks industry as well as how independent brands are giving back by making sure their production process aligns with sustainable standards. 

Sustainability in the Beverage Industry

Alcohol production requires a lot of resources and energy. The nasty byproducts of making your favourite wine or beer include carbon dioxide output, nitrate and phosphate runoff, water over-usage, and other stuff we never thought about.  And if this makes you think that all spirit makers are killing our planet, then hold on, we have good news for you.

The reality is that the drinks industry has a huge potential for being environmentally friendly. There are a lot of independent drinks brands that are focused on producing environmentally friendly products. They reduce plastic use, plant trees for every order and work with environmental organizations in an effort to make this world better. 

To learn more about them, check out these blogs: 

Avallen Calvados - Buy on Lassou
Avallen Calvados is a climate-positive brand meaning they give back more than they take with every bottle produced! Learn more about Avallen here.


What Can I Do to Help? 

The environment is something we should all be concerned about. It affects everything from the drinks you drink to clothing you wear. You may not be able to change it all by yourself but just know there are things everyone can do if they want. And together we can make a difference. 

If you have ever asked yourself what can you do to be a more eco-friendly drinker, then this piece is for you. Since we at Lassou can’t imagine the world without great spirits and drinks, we thought that we can at least ensure it is a part of our sustainable future.

Shop by purpose to discover amazing drinks brands that support eco-friendly initiatives are vegan, organic, and ethically produced. 

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