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Are you looking for new ways to diversify your mixed drinks? Something that can add your cocktails flavour complexity. Or maybe, you are in a search of a great non-alcoholic option? There is one amazing drink that can do both. And, surprise, it has been right under your nose the whole time. Any ideas? Yep, it is shrub! In this blog post,we will tell you what is shrub, why it is so special, and how to drink it.

What Is Shrub?

Shrub is a drinkable vinegar infused with fruits and herbs.  The word “shrub” is derived from the Arabic word “sharbah,” which translates as “to drink.” Shrubs apperared many centuries ago. The Romans and Babylonians drunk water mixed with vinegar as it was a save alternative to polluted water. Also, macerating fruits in vinegar was a great method to preserve them from going bad. These drinks were the first shrubs.

In the 15th century, shrub was used in medicine. People believed that fruit-infused vinegar can cure heart diseases and scurvy, the lack of vitamin C —  common illness among sailors at those times.  Later, in the 17th-18th century, people realized that shrubs can taste even better when you add a splash of booze into them. And that was a great point!  Shrub appeared to be an ideal cocktail component as it plays perfect with many liquors, for example, rum, sparkling wine, or gin. Sugar and honey were used as sweeteners for those delicious mixed drinks. 

For some time, shrubs disappeared from the drinking map, but now they are rocking the cocktail world again. And we will tell you why. 

First of all, shrubs are much healthier alternatives to oversugared and artificially flavoured soda and juice. Then, shrubs have unique bold flavours, and they add amazing taste to many cocktails. There are dozens of shrubs tastes and there is a huge space for imagination and mixing experiments. And last but not least, shrubs can please every drinker as they are a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative for those sober-curious guys and a great cocktail ingredient for alcohol connoisseurs. Cheers to shrubs!

How to Drink Shrub?

As we mentioned before, shrubs can add depth and complexity to your drinks through a blend of sweet, savoury, and tart notes. These vinegar cordials work great with different types of alcohol — gin, rum, whisky, sparkling wine, red bitters, etc. You can also drink it on its own, over ice for a nice refreshment, with tonic, or soda water — try it in different variations to find your perfect way to enjoy shrub.

Here are two our favourite shrub cocktails. 

Alcoholic one



Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker, add the ice, shake it well and strain into a glass. Garnish with apple slices and enjoy! 

Non-alcoholic one



Pour coconut water, shrub, and egg white into a cocktail shaker, add some ice, shake it well.  Strain into a glass with lemon juice.

How to Choose Shrub?

There is only one rule — just take the one that sounds tasty for you! Trust your inner gourmet, he won’t let you down. Here at Lassou, we have a few tempting shrubs sold by Nonshuch Shrubs — delicious, sugar-free and guilty-free stuff. Nonsuch Shrubs are available in 4 seductive options: 

Bittersweet Apple & Cardamom Shrub — staggering cardamom aromas followed by a bittersweet palate and a clean, yet lingering finish.

Caramelized Pineapple & Ginger — balanced aroma of pineapple, caramel with hints of ginger.

Wild Hedgerow & Rose Shrub — a seductive aroma of rose gently dominates the nose with hints of red berry in the background.

Blood orange & Bitter Lemon Shrub — an intense orange peel aroma, packed with citrus notes and a perfect sweet-sour balance.

Too hard to choose? Then take them all in the set of 4 shrubs for the ultimate enjoyment!

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