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Picnic is one of the best ways to spend your staycation and enjoy a great time with friends and family. Although planning a picnic can be tricky sometimes. Even if you took all the essential things like a blanket, food, and camera, you can still feel like something is missing. We have a few ideas about how you can make your picnic special.  

Pick the Theme

What about an Italian-style picnic? Just imagine: delicious pizza, bruschettas with tomatoes, mozarella, and olives accompanied with a glass of prosecco or aperitif. Mmmm, sounds amazing! Try to pick a style of the event and choose drinks, food, and games that will perfectly match the occasion. 

You can also turn your picnic into a beer / wine tasting, even poetic evening. Why not? The picnic is about the atmosphere, it should not be all about food and beverages. Be creative, sometimes even small details can create an exceptional vibe.

Picnic Ideas - Lassou

Forget About Daily Stresses

A picnic is a great way to relax and set your mind free from all things that bother you. Friends, family, delicious food, drinks, and nature — you deserve to take a pause. Turn off your phone, don't talk about work, and focus on yourself.

Sounds like an easy task, but is it? Sometimes it seems that doing nothing for two or three hours in a row makes us unproductive, lazy procrastinators. Calm down, it is not how it actually is. To protect yourself from burn out you need to slow down for a while and just let yourself be. With this thing in mind, relax and enjoy the picnic. 

Play the Games!

Picnics are all about spending time with friends and loved ones while making lasting memories. Eating and drinking are not the only things you can do on a picnic. Entertaining picnic games such as volleyball, football, or frisby can add such a special touch to your picnic. Board games is also agreat option. But it can be hard to pick the game that everybody likes. 

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

If you are looking for both tasteful and good-looking canned drinks for your picnic, hard seltzers are one of the best possible variants.

Enjoy the taste of fresh cucumber and cooling mint in Whisp Cucumber & Mint hard seltzer. Pairs well with wide-open skies and toes in the grass. Whisp hard seltzers include milk thistle which is a natural detox plant to support a healthy liver. 

Served Drinks Raspberry Hard Seltzer is made from crystal clear British water, fresh wonky raspberries from Scotland, and ServedPure™, which is a gluten-free spirit made of beet in France. All these ingredients are combined together, creating a crispy and delicate spirit, that will not make you drunk. 

Canned wine is a perfect suit to our pandemic time as it has recyclable packing, it is portable and provides Covid-safe single serves. Grab a few cans of Nice wine to pair with your barbeque and snacks. Nice wine is represented in three seductive options — Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pale Rosé

If you are a teetotaler, it doesn't mean that youd beverage choice is limited to soda water and lemonade. Check out our choice of non-alcoholic drinks from independent British makers and choose your zero booze picnic drink. You can go for a sophisticated ruby velven, non-alcoholic IPA-style beer or light and refreshing aperitifs that will make amazing Spritz  we have some great bottles for you!

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